Gym fighter personality review and vote

when fighting gyms what kind of fighter are you?

  • 1)the juggranut i crush every gym on sight and i enjoy it
  • 2)mercyful crush only strangers and old defenders
  • 3)i capture only few gyms for coins only
  • 4)i dont do gym battles

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and last pool
if a defender feed golden berry what you will do ?

  • 1)i will keep fighting and i will enjoy every moment
  • 2)i will stop attack and go other gym

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Juggernaut. Me and my cousin gotta get dem coins usually means taking a whole area. Are thought process is more gyms we have better chance 1 will survive long enough to get coins.

Some spots we know not to touch. Example there one instinct gym that nobody really touches cause there is 1 dude lvl 40 who just dominates that gym as if it’s an Ex gym giving out Arceus!

When it’s Ex raid time its ruthlessness! Usually get there 2 hours before so the gym is mine. So far every Ex raid i done has had my team color. 9 for 9.

If it’s a normal gym battle it they heal with golden ill try maybe two more times. If it’s that serious then ill let it be.

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  • Common stuff
  • High CP pokemon

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What do you normally put in gyms?

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I make sure to get enough gyms to ensure my 50 coins a day. If someone golden berries it, it all depends on how much time I have to fart with it. There are so many other gyms I could attack. If my son is with me, we usually fight through it because attacking together, we can outlast the person berrying it most of the time. Just depends on how much time we have to kill. I usually put common stuff in. I cycle through the pokedex and put different stuff in so people don’t see the same monsters all the time. The only time I put good stuff in is to hold before a raid, joining a themed gym, or I’m specifically asked to reinforce a gym by my team on Discord. I do take a lot of flak from my teammates because of the junk I leave in gyms though. Anyway, I’m trying to encourage turnover. Makes the game more fun.

I don’t put common or high cp Pokémon in gyms, I put my favorite Pokémon or Pokémon I need candy for. My go-to favorites are Sudowoodo, Mr. Mime, and Umbreon, my candy Pokémon are lileep and bagon

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I don’t have a Mr. Mime or Lileep yet. Only 2 Bagons. I wouldn’t put an Umbreon in a gym unless it was an Eevee themed gym because the stuff I put in gyms is not going to be something I use revives on. They will be transferred for candy. I already had to walk 10km for that Umbreon. Not going to transfer you.

same thing here altough i dont do it for coins, it just something that come on the way, i just like to gank pokemons, so that why i kill everything on sight, my team lucky i cant kill them too or else i would gank them too hehe :slight_smile: killing pokemons can be addicting.pepoles at my raid team call me the ganker becuase everytime they see me they know the gym gona get down with golden berry or without,on vecations day me and my mother capture our whole city turn it blue at like 1am to 3 am so when peoples awake everything blue.


i leveled up 20 pokemons rhyhorns and tyiranters to level 40 to put them at gyms just for that when there is a gym that blue all the kids in our blue team tell me pls pls put there 40 ish pokemon becuase they know i have all the 20 ish gym pokemons at 40 hehe :slight_smile: and when me and my mother and my grandmother and my mother brother daughter going toghter on gym we capture all the city,it get constructed with gym towers we all level 40 :slight_smile:

if a defender feed golden berry what you will do ?
-Try again between 20 minutes and 2 hours later. People don’t always stare exclusively at their gyms, so sooner or later, there’s a chance they’re not looking as closely or at all.

What do you normally put in gyms?
-Applicable defenders of generally medium CP. High CP defenders degrade too fast, common stuff is often an invite to get removed asap.

for me the fact that they defending encourge me even more to attack i see it as challange for me i fight for the fun of battle itself to see my pokemons fighting is to finally see the fruits of my investment also the more i damage i do to the pokemons and they heal the more i get into more desire for blood(like a shark smelling blood and get into frenzy).

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When defenders starts to Berry i go through my options and reasons:

  • available time
  • available phone battery
  • do i have the gym at gold? (most time battling gives more points then holding a gym for a few hours)
  • is there a raid egg on it and do i really want it to be my color (instinct/yellow)? I had a phase where this meant a lot for me, now i have less time and don’t care about it any more, with mewtwo gyms being the exception
  • is the raid egg hatching sooner than we can take it over, even with berrying (depending on number of attackers and number of people berrying)
  • what are my plans for the trip i’m on? is it catching, hatching gymming, raiding, spinning for items…?

This all determines if i go on or not. I like this topic, but voting options are too narrow for me.

Most times, i just say F it. Better to spend my time elsewhere. Getting gold gyms is a matter of time and i’m in no rush. Got to have something to do upcoming summer :slight_smile:


your defintly smart ,but for me i plan my trip where i can battle more the only reason i wont go battle will be only to farming items or when my mother getting tierd ,normally she like me unfortunly after long day most of the time she run out of power plus i am more young then her, so my powers are far more intense.

how am I the only one?

@Necrozmadabest in our world we living we are feed with violent everywhere we go, tv videos movies games net and news etc etc, so it no wander many pepoles like battles in games, we are eddicted to love it ,since we are kids or like i used to say trained to have fighting hunger spirit since we are young,those who are untouched by it are those who are isolated from all that or pepoles that really really really peacefull in nature.altough i consider myself peacefull too yet i love and live for gym battles so dont know what to say.

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