Gym Battles are ruined

Gym battles are fluffed up. And I cant believe niantic hasn’t done shizz about it. I was in fort mason the other day and those gyms are runned by nothing but cheaters (im sure this is happening all around the world).It was me and a few others killing the defenders, and everytime we beat it, the defending poke’s cp would be recharged to max. This kept happening about 6-8 times until I said they have to be cheating. I’ve done some research and this type of thing has been going on since the summer of 2017, so its been a problem for more than a year! I just recently got back into pokego since quitting in 2016 and this is doesn’t sit well with me, or any other player. Niantic, FIX UR GAME! Get rid of the whole berry feeding system because people have been exploiting this feature for well over a yr!! And adding pokemons to gym when it is under attacked needs to be fixed too. I cant say how many times I would be whooping a gyms but, and then from outta nowhere some1 adds a pokemon and im just like “ur not supposed to add anything when its under attacked”. The whole gym battle needs a whole makeover.

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I agree it does get annoying with everyone golden razzing. But when your the defender and it’s ex time i am sure i am one of those people golden razzing, also i don’t mind if anyone else wants to golden razz my mon so i don’t have to neither ( who turns down help ?? )

The adding pokemon while under attack. For sure needs tweaking. It’s laggy and never works to my advantage.

Reworking the gyms would be a lot of effort on Niantic side an i dont think thats on their mind at the moment seeing as all these events are going on.

Possibly next year something may change? For what that may be idk.

They can sometimes slip through the net. They could be sitting in a nearby car or shop or house, and spamming golden razz berries and adding pokemon if they ever got knocked out. Unfortunately no proof of cheating here, but that is annoying.

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I tire of people saying feeding berries it’s cheating. Its not cheating it’s part of the game mechanics and players have every right use.
I love the challenge of stripping a Gym when someone’s trying to feed. Some times it’s quick, some times you need to grind it out a bit. It’s not as thought it’s endless, there is a cap on how many can be thrown.


It’s only cheating when one person goes on multiple accounts to keep berrying it.


No, my point is that they spam berries without a limit.

A person can only feed a defender a berry 10 times then it goes on CD. Sounds like it’s just a bunch of people nearby feeding Golden Razz Berries to frustrate the attackers, I’ve done that a few times with some people from my raiding group.


Honestly tough if you cant kick down a gym with “a few others” you might need to change tactics. Use correct counters and dont attack all 6 in a row, focus on just the first untill its out, then finish all the rest or youll get an error, and then do the same to the second one, third etc…

Also, you can add a new pokemon to a gym when its under attack if no pokemon has been kicked out for the last 10 minutes. If something has been kicked out, you have to wait.


Berries add a huge element, it is finally a means of defending a gym. It’s nice to have a chance to hold a gym in a contested area or before raids. Tus particular mechanic adds much needed depth and strategy to to gym battling.

It also lends itself to teamwork as it benefits team members in a gym to communicate and coordinate when they want to defend a gym or take down a gym that is being berried.


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