Gym battle tab for gyms

Having a ton of pokemon in gyms but can’t find then in your list? A solution can be to add a Gym battle tab so trainers can quickly and easily see all current Pokemon in gyms thus they can heal and locate and keep all of them more organized.

22. Tapping gym badges to put/check your Pokemon in the gym

You can type ‘defender’ in the search bar to find all of them.


This. Its not ideal since when you return from a gym you have to type it again tough.

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The gym tab would be more adequate. But since learning to type “defender” i been using this method, BUT a tab would be faster and more organized. Common players dont know that command i been playing since the start and only heard of this now. Are there more commands?

legendary, @tackle (for example), evolve, ice, etc

Is there a list somewhere?


Thats awesome thankyou.