Gym battle question

So I was attacking a gym not to long ago and after the battle i healed up and went back in to finish off the Pokemon. Upon reentering to battle i noticed all the pokemon are fully healed, thought “ok, the defender has healed them” and now he/she cant since there’s a cooldown for the berry motivation thing. Did another battle and went on to fight the second pokemon. Upon finishing the 2nd one, i see that the first one is fully healed. Attack again and now notice the second one is now fully healed. This repeats for another 2 cycles. Got tired of attacking the gym so i left. Now my question is, how can they heal the pokemon all the way but when i try i can only get a few berrys in before i get the cooldown? They seemed to be able to do this while remotely giving berries. No one was around and it was early in the morning, 2am’ish.

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Also, the gym was owned by the same person. The names were pretty much the same, except for a few digits in the name.

Bots. They may not be able to catch 1000 Pokemon a day anymore, but they can certainly feed berries by using multiple botted accounts connected to the berry feeding software

Or they can just throw golden Razzies

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1 trainer can feed 10 different pokemon 10 berrys EACH whitin a short time. If you try to feed an 11th pokemon or if you try to feed an 11th berry, the game will say that pokemon isnt hungry.

If you remotely feed a pokemon a golden razz berry, that pokemon will be fully healed. 1 trainer can do this for all 6 pokemon who are in a gym he/she is also in. The best way to defend is to wait untill the attacker is attacking for the 2nd time, and then feed right after each pokemon has been defeated. This way, the attacker will have to attack 23(!!) times at maximum before the gym goes down.
And that is if only 1 person is defending with feeding berrys. If its 1 person with multiple accounts he can just time it right and youll be there untill all his accounts run out of golden razz berrys, or you run out of revives/potions.
If you are a single attacker and this is happening, move on to the next gym because you wont be able to tear it down anyways.

(its a fast way to prestige your gym badge to gold tough, if thats something you want to do).

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I just had the same issue happen twice at two different gyms from two different teams, the exact same thing. Same trainer name, exact moment when I was battling and there was no one around, did you report it?

I did not. I was unaware of an auto berry bot. I have seen them around the city at gyms, so when i see them again i will report them.

You don’t have to be near a Gym to feed Berries. Any Gym your in can be feed remotely from any where. The further away from the Gym you are the less a Pokemon will be healed if using Normal Razz’s, Nanab’s or Pinaps.
If using Golden Razz’s they will still heal fully.
10 Berries can be thrown at a single Pokemon, so that is 60 Berries all up if your healing every thing in the Gym.
Multiply that by the number of accounts that a player may have in that Gym and they are only limited by the amount on Gold Razz’s they have on each account until they’ve thrown 60 on all 6.
You must have a Poke in the Gym to be able The access the Gym for remote feeding.


Sounds like you got trolled with gold raspberries. That happened to me once and I just moved on. There are enough gyms now, that shouldn’t be an issue.

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I live in an area with a lot of highly competitive gyms and this happens all the time, it’s not cheating or bots, you can remotely use golden razz berries up to 10 times in a short time span, this means a player can max out the gym basically as many times as they want if they’re willing to use golden razz berries. If this happens and there’s not an upcoming raid this usually signals to the attacker that the defender wants to stay in the gym a bit longer, so most people will move on after a gym is berried up.


I actually got trolled this morning with berries, so I moved on.

I keep a very high stock of Maxi Revives and Maxi Potions at the detriment of bag space for Red Balls.
I’m fortunate I have some fairly good/useful fully powered up Pokemon so when some one tries the repeated Gold Razz thing I’m more than happy to just keep going over and over making them use as many as possible until the Gym is mine. I wont have a break I’ll just keep going straight away. It’s all XP to Gold that Gym.
If I’m gold already I don’t care and will move on.

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Thank you for this! Just tried the remote feeding of a golden Raz to see if it works – lo and behold! – you’ve saved me hours of death-defying expeditions, late at night, into the Arctic cold to hold a measly gym or two.


Got some more info or more so tactic if your hell bent on taking a Gym down that someone is remote feeding.
This will only work if you have the time, a strong battle squad and a good supply of Revives and Potions.
I’m fortunate in that I have a large stock of Maxi Revives and Maxi Potions 300+ of each.

In the very early hours of Monday morning I started to battle a Gym that had a 3000CP Blissey as the first character and surprise surprise it had been Berried up to full by the time I came around for the 3rd round along with all the others in the Gym. I knew a couple of the names in the Gym and know for certain one person has 2 of them and possibly a third one.
I had plenty of time so I thought lets see how many Berries this Goose was willing to waste.
To make the battle time quicker I started using the Wife’s account as well at the same time. I did the full 6 again as a tester and and much to my delight they did it again. From this point on I changed my tactic to targeting that 3000CP Blissey over and over in order to remove that first then the rest of the Gym would fall easier after. After a few only Blissey attacks i went through all 6 again to make the Goose waste more Gold Berries.
After about 75mins Blissey had been removed and the rest of the Gym fell without resistance. At one point they berried the Blissey later than the other rounds and must have had to switch to the second account for doing it as at a guess they would have been near the max of 10.
I left the Gym blank too so they would be scratching their head wondering who the hell out lasted them if they were watching it on Gym hunter or our local Discord Map as I know they are a member.
Because I was doing it with 2 accounts at once and using big Tyranitar’s over and over until they fainted it didn’t use any where near as many Revives and Potions as I may have expected. The lost stock was replenished in a day on the Go Plus.

All that mentioned above worked ok in that space of time as the person doing it only had 2 accounts or was only prepared to waste 2 accounts of Gold Berries. If 1 person had all 6 it would take much longer but can be done by picking off the 1st one in line fist as it will get easier and quicker with each one eliminated.


Golden razzberries will heal your Pokemon to full health as long as it is still on the gym. Trainers can feed their Pokemon even while it is engaged in a battle. They just need enough items.

Question:… This might be a dumb question, but is it possible to capture a legendary at a gym with only one person in the raid?

No, minimum of 4 high level trainers for the easiest of legendary raids and possibly double that if the trainers are lower level on a tanky beast like Lugia

No, Legendary can not be done with one trainer.
Rayquaza has been the easiest of all of them and that couldn’t be done with 1.

Minimum of four?
Moltres and Rayquaza were already done in 2

I am talking about realistic numbers. Yes maybe two level 40 trainers with 2 full squads of maxed out high IV Pokémon may have done it but realistically most people don’t have that.
Under normal circumstances it still takes 4 people to beat Rayquaza or Moltres and more than that to beat most of the others.

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