Gym Battle Pokemon Swap Out Bug

Anyone else notice a bug when you swap out Pokemon during battle? I’m consistently seeing a bug that after I select a new Pokemon, it appears gets one attack, then swaps back to the previous Pokemon for one attack and then swaps back to new Pokemon and stays.

Yes, I saw that tonight. Just assumed it was a glitch and kept on battling.

Yeah, I got the same glitch battling today.

There were tons of glitches for me in general, damage first being taken and then restored,;charge bars for charge moves being all over the place (first filled, then not, then filled again); a charge attack from a defender that took down one of my attackers carrying over to the next Pokemon in line which was one-hitted that way; and most annoyingly getting errors at the start of battles after kicking a defender out that made fighting impossible (fixed by heading to another gym and battling there, then coming back, but it was still annoying)

I think there’s just still a ton of bugs in the code and I expect those to be tackled in the next few weeks.

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