Gyarados and Tyranitar

Does tyranitar and gyarados still have access to crunch move? I tried to change their movesets but I can’t get them, so I’m wondering if they still can learn the dark movesets. I need it for my ex raid tomorrow #wishmeluck :hugs:

Can confirm both can still learn Crunch

Switching Charged Moves can be frustrating. That’s why I only use my Charged TMs when I have 2, just in case the first attempt switches to something even worse than what it already had, so I’ll at least switch back.

Switching Charged Move on Mew is going to be a big pain. I’m not even sure I’m going to bother…

For those who want to switch the Hidden Power move on a Porygon 2 or Staryu or something: google up how that works first. From what I gathered, Hidden Power is linked to IV or something like that. I can’t confirm whether it’s true, but since those two aren’t too powerful Pokémon anyway, I didn’t think it was worth taking my chances and waste my TMs on it.

Thanks, i just used 6 charged TM’s to change the moveset of both my mons for tomorrow. Thanks again bro

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Good luck with the raid!

Thanks, raid is just over. Caught a weather boosted Mewtwo at 2776 CP. Thanks again for the wish, I hope it still applies for my following raid next Sunday :laughing:.

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That’s great, nice one! Good luck again next weekend then too :grin:

Thanks again then :hugs: