Guide - Zapdos Day Guide: Lightning Fast Lazy Mode Edition

I would comment that the Max CP level 20 is typo’ed (1920, should be 1902) but comments are dissabled again.

My local Discord divided and assigned us all different teams to avoid confrontation with other teams about if each gym was going to be blue, red, or yellow. Each team got assigned a section of town that we have to keep our team’s color. Looks like tomorrow will run real smooth.

My local team is not strong enough to beat it

We dont have a complete group of all players, so that wouldnt work here. But theres a few different starting poins for different type of players (walking, cycling, car). I know the route a blue cycling group is taking, and were gonna run a modified route with a yellow cycling group as to avoid running into eachother. Should go pretty well :slight_smile: