Guide - Sky Attack Moltres in the Pokemon GO meta: is it worth powering up?


But is it better than fire spin/overheat?

In short: Not really

But still a good option if you want machamp raids. But the question is: should I tm my only shiny moltres or keep it sky attack?

Ther are still superior options
And I would say no, even if you will use it

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Sky Attack Moltres would be better than Overheat Moltres against Machamp, it may surpass Rayquaza’s neutral DPS in clear weather.

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The article was really helpful. I was considering TM-ing my 100% Moltres to get a fire-type charge attack, guess I won’t do this… But I WILL power it up, just because it’s a perfect legendary (my first one)…


Nice! Great achievement!

I wouldnt recommend it if you dont have a ton of dust lying around

I’m at 2.4 million, so a ton might be exaggerated. I don’t push any mons to max level all at once anyway (in most cases I lack the candy), I keep most power-ups for when I have a “power up x Pokémon” quest… :thinking:


@kRe same as you, I keep most power-ups for when I have a “power up x Pokémon” quest.

I might power one Sky Attack Moltres as a flying type attacker since it’s the 2nd best flying type now and will most likely remain the same after gen 4 hits


But here’s the catch: Heatran and Mewtwo outclass him