Guide - Cresselia Raid Guide: best Cresselia counters in Pokemon GO

Why is Weavile so low in their list?!

Gengar is undisputed king no matter what weather/moveset. Weavile works in foggy (dont know why i said snowy, srry) weather but overall there are better picks. Their list shows an average.
Lately i just look at results from pokebattler with different weather and movesets. Best way to check what counters you need imo.

Snow weather has no impact on weavile…

But Weavile has better DPS than TTar, doesnt die as much as one might think, and it even resists Aurora Beam

Yeah, i ment foggy, srry. still sleepy i guess.

Foggy boosts majority of its counters
Weavile does very well regardless of that, outmatching TTar in DPS while easily shurgging of Aurora Beams

Well that just depends on weather and moveset. And they are just very close together.
Weavile is “so low” (3rd out of the 350+ available pokemon is low?) because Mewtwo and Gengar are simply better.

Weavile is exactly where it is supposed to be on that list. Below those 2, and above Ttar.

Not among the supreme counters
Last thing I want to see on a raid are people using goddamn Pinsir claiming its better than Weavile

Honchkrow makes its first appearance! :star_struck:
And it will have lots of use later also!

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