Guide - A Guide to Friends, Trading and Gifts in Pokémon GO


The biggest issue for me is having to be within 100m of someone to trade, but presumably that was to try and crack down on spoofers being able to trade between each other which can only be a good thing IMO. I guess if I can find a decent community when I go on holiday next month I can do some trading then


You can trade with me if you live near me @unitedmixer89


FINALLY!!! :smiley: hype

and spoofers can’t get within 100 meters of each other? The’re spoofers!

The 100 meter required is to prevent everyone trading with everyone and getting all regionals that way, it has nothing to do with spoofers.

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Where do you live?

DOes 3x attack bonus mean all legendary can be duoed

It wont give you a 3x damage. Probably just 1.2-1.5x

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now that it was released, how do I trade? these guides tells you everything but nothing coherent when it comes to the how, like where do I go to see any of these new features? I am now on 0.107.1 and logged in via google on one account and on the other via trainer’s club.

I’m on 0.107.1 either now, but Trading isn’t accessible in the game yet. It seems to be there by the end of this week.

tomorrow when the water festival ends? let’s hope so

Trading will be out by the end of the week.