Groudon legendary dinner hour

If you dont have a shiny Groudon yet, this is your chance.


Why can’t Niantic just announce it? Now I have to change up the plans for today again! :triumph:

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Work from 14:00 till 22:00 so no raid hour for me. Luckilly i had 5 shinys last time it was here :smile:
If this were Rayquaza though… Wouldnt have been happy.

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I do not care for Groudon nor Rayquaza, I have missed so many Legendary Raids now that I can live without them. I’m also in Germany and found a total of zero people who play PoGo so I guess I’ll just skip this LDH.

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I don’t see a single Raid for 6pm. There are two 35mins later, though. But not Tier5.

Edit: There did just pop up a Raid for 6pm, so I think I’ll be going to there, then.

I didn’t bother. I had things to do.
If I had known in advance I could have planed those things that needed to be done another day time.

There was a group of about 30 of us. Split into 2 groups and I just did 2 raids with the free passes. Caught Groudon on both raids.

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