Groudon and Kyogre are ending today at 1:00 PM PST — do we expect to see anything special?

Basically the title. Groudon and Kyogre are leaving us today, making Rayray the only Pokémon left to battle in T5 raids. Are we expecting anything special to appear in raids?

P.S. Here’s a post-legendary week egg chart:

One more week to battle Rayquaza, then we’ll probably get a new Legendary to fail our throws.
I’m still hoping they’re going to change the box contents tonight, to include Super Incubators. They’ll be useful for hatching the increased chance eggsies.

Boxes have been confirmed to stay untill the 11th IIRC.
Whatever time they’ll last, they’re not changing.

And although i’d like incubators aswell (previous boxes were insane for me) i’m hoping they’ll lay low with the boxes for a while, i’m spending way too much money a F2P game :smile:

regarding OP: 1 more week of Rayquaza indeed, and then most likely the next one. My guess is Latios / Latias in a rotation west / east Hemisphere for the net 2 months.

That would actually be pretty sweet, although the recent influx of Dragon related Pokémon and raids is alarming.

I really hope rayquaza is defeaten more often, becouse bagon and beldum are extremely useful Max evolved in gyms, and they are really rare where i live. Only got them when weather boosted.

I REALLY hope Rayquaza won, I need Bagon and Beldum, I don’t wanna hatch Mareep or Lapras =~=

There’s nothing about the contents of the boxes stating the same as they are now.

The boxes stay the content can definitely change