Grinds My Gears

So lately I’m getting pretty irritated with whoever is supposed to be running the logical side of the PoGo app…
First of all since when does giving your Pokemon a TM Charge Boost (or whatever they’re called) result in a weaker charge move??
Yesterday I gave my Tyranitar with an IV of 91 and a CP of 2894 a TM Boost(??) in hopes of replacing my Fire Blast with Stone Edge. Instead of giving me a better move I ended up get Crunch which is a triple bar charge with damage at 70…
To me that just seems very dumb…
Why would they make an item that rare to obtain do more damage to your Pokemon than good???
I had been saving that TM for a while and finally decided to use it cause I thought it was a good call with all the new Raid Bosses coming out to improve one of my heaviest hitters and I got ripped off…
That just doesn’t seem right to me at all…

And secondly, with the boost in candys you can earn and the release of some Pokemon I don’t have yet I’ve been working on obtain some high IVs of those Pokemon the past few days.
Got mostly all I wanted except for one…
I evolved a Spheal with an IV of 84 to it’s second evolution and everything went according to planned. No IV changes at all. But when I evolved that into it’s final evolution which is a Walrein it’s CP went up maybe 1000 points but it’s IV dropped down to 58… Like that has me pretty frustrated…
And this is the second time something like this has happened to me. The first time being with a Treeko.

I just had to vent and see if anyone else feels my frustrations or has anything to say about their experiences with wrongful acts of the PoGo developers???

I am a level 30 by the way if that makes an difference in what happened.


I think it’s good just need bite

The Moves of your Pokemon are only really relevant to what Pokemon your fighting against at the time, don’t get confused thinking the higher that number and multiple small Bars v one solid Bar the better the Move it is. There’s lot more to it.
Don’t take this the wrong way but from what you’ve written you’ve got a fair bit to learn about Pokemon Type (Dark, Grass, Water etc…) and Move Set Types that do extra damage by exploiting a Pokemon’s Type Weakness. It’s a pity you don’t have someone you play with that’s more advanced and can explain it in person as it’s easy to explain and show in person than trying convey it in written word. There’s plenty of material on the web but it can be a little bit hard to understand in the beginning.

As far as usefulness a Bite/Crunch Tyranitar is one the most useful and destructive Pokemon in the game but against a Pokemon that has resistance to Dark Moves it’s not good.
Now with the possible Duel Charge Moves (at a cost of Dust and Candy of course) the ideal Tyranitar would have both Crunch and Stone Edge.


Oi… Where to start :sweat_smile:

About the “Charge TM” (thats the whole name, no boost or anything).

  • First: How good a move is depends on more than its power alone. BUT you also make the mistake of not looking at how much energy it takes to charge your move.
    Fire Blast takes 100 energy to fire of a 140 damage move.
    Crunch takes 33 energy to fire of a 70 damage move. so you can actually do 210 damage with the same energy.

  • Second: You got lucky. Fire Blast on Tyranitar is bad. Crunch on Tyranitar is good. Put Bite on it as a fast move and you have a Tyranitar thats usefull for ALOT of legendary raids (every Psychic one, and we have the lake trio still coming up who are all 3 psychic so…) and its pretty good in PVP aswell.

Now about the IV change:
Thats pretty much impossible. IV’s dont change when evolving. Not for better, not for worse. Maybe your Spheal had an IV range of 58-84? IV calculators arent always sure about their own result so they give a range. If you apraise it ingame you can help the calculator get a better idea. Depending on wich you use i could give a better explenation. (i can help with Calcy IV)

Hah… Lets not go there.

The only difference your level 30 makes is that you are inexperienced. We all had to learn this to. Sometimes the hard way, sometimes by just googling a bit. Preperation is key :wink:
But honestly you got the best result out of that TM that you could have gotten.
Stone Edge (his other charge attack) wouldnt have been bad, but you kinda need Smack Down to go with that, wich is unfortunatly impossible to get at the moment because its a Community Day move.


I suggest you try to learn more about moves in general
Fire Blast is T R A S H, even with STAB
Tyranitar that doesnt have Smack Down does the best with Bite/Crunch, be glad for that (also Charge TM doesnt “boost” your charge move)
There is more than just raw power to consider
Also, get rid of Iron Tail via a Fast TM

IVs can only change if you trade the Pokemon
The 58 is just an average, set the appraisal to get exact values

I’m going to try an reply without letting some of the responses

Yeah you’re right… Although I feel I have a respectable amount of knowledge on the different type weaknesses and strengths, I could have relaxed a little bit before getting upset about the situation and instead be greatfull for the positives that the move could do for me when it comes to types.
I had always heard that the Tyranitar with Smack Down and Stone Edge was the best that you could get and that’s what I was hoping to aquire with the move change.
But you are right once I get Bite, the combination with Crunch will make a really good Pokemon.
Thanks for your insight on the situation.

Yeah I didn’t take into consideration the energy used matched with damage done. That’s a good way to put it.
Yes I knew Fire Blast was garbage hence why I used the TM…
“Now about the IV change”
This is where I felt you were trying to make me feel dumb the most…
You say it’s “pretty much impossible”
So my question to you is this…
You think I was just saying that the IV change happened to me just to say it?? You think I got benefit from feeling upset that that happened to me to the point I felt I should bring it up on the forum for what? Attention??
You’re pretty much calling me a liar??
Like what good what making that up do me??
And on top of that I even said that this was the second time that it happened to me…
The first being with a Treeko…
But no… That’s impossible so I need to learn how to use an IV calculator…
Give me a break lol… As if I don’t know that you’re supposed to use the in game appraisal…
It said my Spheal had an IV of 84.
After the in game appraisal…
It said the same thing for it’s second evolution…
But when I evolved it to Walrein it dropped down to 58. Like I said…
So please tell me how that’s impossible if I’m telling you that it happened to me…
Twice… Again, the first time being with a Treeko…
And finally, I apologise almighty robdebob whatever…
I should have known that me being only a level 30 makes me so inferior and inexperienced compared to your all powerful and all knowing greatness of your level 40…
Maybe I should break up with my girlfriend and quit my job in hopes of one day becoming a wise level 40 like yourself.
Please master robderob forgive me for asking such a petty question and showing exactly how incompetent all of us level 30’s truly are…


Lol are you kidding me? Thats the response you put after the help i give you? Wow.
Nevermind my explanation of you maybe misreading your IV calculator. You got a lower IV because your pokemon knew you didnt deserve better…

Really, the thanks you get for trying to help people nowadays… a big mouth and some sarcastic BS.


Be nice we are all here to help each other no one person knows everything



One more Troll in the large list…


Crunch is a great move


Honestly I would just wait until december 2019 and see if smack down comes back


I love being a troll. Some people just take the internets too seriously. Come on! We are talking about a kids’ game!


I support your trolling 100% it’s funny to watch people get mad

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