GPS Issues since Halloween Event

Yo! Ever since the ghost event started I’ve been experiencing GPS issues (I use an android btw). My character would stop moving every now and then and then the “Cannot find GPS” message that disappears as soon as it appears and my character then sprints to my location. I know of at least one more person who has the same issue in my area. Is anyone else going through the same thing?

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In what kind of building are you?

I experienced the same today in the shops in Disneyland Paris by the way. Those are better isolated than i expected them to be.


these issues happen when i’m outside and inside a building.

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I’ve started to see more GPS wander and can’t find issues around the time of one of the last 2 App updates not at the start of this event,
This is in open areas that I frequent that were previously stable.


It’s even worse when I’m on the bus, my player just jogs a little, comes to a stop, then sprints to where i am. Rinse and Repeat. And i can’t catch any pokemon or spin any stops when this happens.

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Have you recently had popups appear asking you to opt in to improving accuracy?

My GPS always was set to high accuracy then in the last few days I started getting these popups appearing. I went to location settings today and low and behold it was set to “device only”, trying to set it to high accuracy only resulted in the popup appearing again until I accepted it.

i have had the same ever since Moltress day. My own phone can’t handle GPS well anymore.
This becomes worse when i use my phone as hotspot when i have to play for my GF.
Issues for me are inside buildings, but also when i drive, and even when just outside.
It has come to the point that i just fire up the hotspot and log in on my own account of the second phone, since i got no problems there.

The second i get connected to a wifi network, be it at home or elsewhere, all problems are gone.
To me it feels like my phone doesn;t like the constant switching between normal network, being hotspot and connected to wifi, so a hardware issue. No idea how to fix it yet though.

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I have the exact samee thing…

makes the game awful

I have gotten those notification and i do press yes improve my gps accuracy. Heck, I’ve even manually went to my gps settings and i see it is set to highest. Still no dice :\

did it start around when ghost event started?

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Haven’t had any GPS issues lately. My game freezes up a lot though.