GPS Drifting - Is there a Trick?

Is there a trick to drifting in the game?

My niece has a Samsung, GPS accuracy set to high, and with a different carrier than me. She drifts over 50km per week. Ate dinner last night, she had her phone out and in 20min she “walked” over 2km.

I had the same phone, slightly different model… and it never happened. I have a Huawei now, and my guy just stands there like a lump and never moves.

At first I thought it was location, she’s in another city in an apartment building. She’s got limited data, so when at home she has data off and leaves the phone running and plugged in all night. And every week, collects the 50km reward and hatches eggs crazy fast.

So I gave her my old iPhone, no sim card, wifi only for that, and she had it running with hers at nights for me to test it out, and I drifted maybe 2km all week.

Drifts with/without the case, data on/off…

Does she know something I don’t? is it a defective phone, that’s defective in her favour?

Even worse, Mr Mime isn’t in our region… she hatched apparently 6 of them and transferred them all for candy not knowing it was a regional. And of course, after telling her, she’s never hatched on since.

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You’re in real luck as you’ll be able to hatch Mr. Mime again next month. Not the whole month, though.

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Can’t help with an exact answer but I see the same thing with my iPhone 6S and a Samsung J4 I have the wife or kids acct on at time. Having the game running on both at the same time side by side sitting on my office desk at work and on me when I go for walks around the factory the Samsug will pick up 7-10km more over a 5 day week 12 hour shifts v my iPhone.

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It’s maddening… because she barely plays, but picks up bonuses and hatches eggs without leaving the couch. I’ve hit 5km a week I think 3x. :slight_smile:


I don’t normally get GPS drift except when I go inside my building at work. I’ll float across the street until I lose the GPS signal, but I’ve been able to spin a stop a couple times that’s 500 yards away.


Nope. It just happens to some phones. High buildings affect it i think, but no guarantee.

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In general anything that distorts the GPS signal can make you drift. On one of my worksites I can drift about 5km. But somedays it’s no more than 100m It’s a concrete building with steel panels. I’m sitting a good 1,5m from the window. No big building in front. Only a metroline.

Am i the first to point out that Mr Mime can’t be hatched?!
Regionals have been in 7k eggs once for an event (Ultra event last year?), so of course you’ve never seen them again.

You’re in luck though, in 1,5 weeks they’ll be back in eggs for 2 weeks.

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@Punica Thats probably why she hatched 6, and then never again 1 since. Must have been during last years event.

Ya it wasn’t this year that she hatched them, it was when she first started to play the game.

I told her when she upgrades to sell me her old phone. :smile:

I even tried charging the phone with the game running in a tin can, and maybe 0.5km over night… upside is I guess my phone has a good GPS signal, but downside is of course egg hatching is an issue.

I live in a Hamlet… for those who don’t know what that is, it’s smaller than a village. My Pokemon gaming is basically a few stops between here and work and back. 10KM eggs take easily a month to hatch.