GPS Drift: What do you think?

I usually play PoGo during my office time and GPS drift really helped a lot in hatching eggs and reach out to the place where have pokestops.(There are pokestops nearby but are not reachable from my office).
Do you have any experience with GPS drift

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Carparks of local shopping centres where there are numerous pokestops where I’m just drifting around getting close to them then drifting back. It’s like a game within a game. See if you can spin the stop before you drift back and out of range. Good way of adding a little distance to your buddy and eggs in incubators too.

My house seems to have terrible gps drift.
Always have that red bar across the screen when trying to do mass evolutions.

staying at high altitude building is much more easier to drift compare to 1 floor only building. i’m able to hatch a 10km egg, fastest being about 4 hours in my office situated at 34 floor, and my house is on the 7th floor, i’m always wake up with eggs hatches in the morning. i also able to get 2 5km buddy candy in addition.

although walking around is much more faster, but when i have sumthing to do, leaving it on while u doing sumthing else is really helpful. but i’m sure there’s group of ppl calling this as cheating…

At an archeological site with fence,there was a larvitar in a pokestop there and i wouldn’t reach it for a couple of steps.Thanks GPS drift :slight_smile:

GPS drifting is good in my opinion :slight_smile:
When I play Pokemon GO I always put my phone in low battery mode. That way gps signal is less accurate so I’ll drift more. This is very handy when I try to reach pokestops + it preserves quite some battery life as well.
Extra tip: I enjoy playing it after sunset, that way I can turn the brightness all the way down, activate low battery mode and go on a long, long, looooong walk without the need to carry external batteries after me.

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I get a good drift when I open up the game each time
And when I get battle

Whenever I drive around to gyms, my crap always hatches.

I drift every time XD

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