Gps and network errors

I play the game in the SF Bay Area (in SF, San Bruno, San Mateo, and Foster City, usually). The number of network errors has become intolerable in recent days, and there are times I have to restart the game multiple times to get it to find a gps signal at all.

I wonder – have others in this area encountered similar issues lately?

Google maps and sigalert traffic maps have no apparent trouble determining my location, the other apps I use seem not to have the network delays / hangs (using a Galaxy S7 on Verizon, in case these issues are somehow device related).

In another topic I was talking about the same. I have downloaded 0.105.1, and since then the problem has gone down extremely.
Don’t know if it’s casual, but to me it has helped a lot.

That’s weird I have Verizon and I don’t have that many issues (like maybe once or twice I’ll have gps trouble) when I’m in the Bay Area. But I have noticed that there has been an uptick in gps issues, maybe it’s a Verizon issue

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Thanks for the tip. I’m on 0.105.1 already.
The degree to which the problem happens varies, and some days can be almost fine. Some are mostly a waste of time.

As for it being a general Verizon problem, the fact that the gps works fine in other apps would seem to make that unlikely.

Same here…running Galaxy note 8…Verizon and having GPS issues…even at the same stop…had a stop pop up yesterday hadnt seen b4…went to it…literally got out of my car and stood in front of it…nope nothing…going that way again today…try again…

I am having a problem with my GPS not synchronizing with the game… I am way off at the gyms, and when I am at a pokestop… it doesnt register. Driving its even worse… Dont know what I need to do. It is giving a GPS can’t be found (Error 11) message. Please help! :cold_sweat::cry:

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