Gotcha Ranger connection problems

Hi guys, I just purchased the Gotcha Ranger last week, and it worked great initially on my iPhone 7 Plus. Then yesterday I tried to see if I can also make it work on my iPad also and it did. I was happy. However, afterwards when I ejected it from the iPad and tried back on my iPhone, it just wouldn’t connect. It shows in the Go Plus settings as greyed out, and when I tried to connect, the circle just keeps spinning and will not connect.

I have tried the following:

  • ejecting it and reconnecting;
  • turning my Bluetooth on and off;
  • turning my Phone on and off;
  • recharging the Gotcha Ranger all night to see if the battery is low;
  • pressed the button on Gotcha Ranger to get different screens, but it only cycles between 3 - connected to phone, disconnected from phone, vibration on. And those options stay on the screen for half a second.

Please let me know on how I can make it work again.

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I don’t think you can have these things Paired to 2 different devices at the same time, even if not trying to use at the same time.
You must totally un-Pair from one before you can Pair it to another.

Thanks, I never tried to connect with both devices at the same time. I did press the eject under GO Plus options when I disconnected from one device to another. And I don’t have the iPad with me right now and it’s still unable to connect.

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Okay it worked! I went to Bluetooth and “forget this device” . Then I restarted my phone and then tried to connect it with Gotcha Update. It did it’s connection thingy, and then afterwards to connected to PoGo just fine.

It can be hard to troubleshoot BTE devices sometimes as there’s isn’t much of info on what went wrong. Thanks anyways…

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