Gotcha not getting pokestops

I’ve been using a Gotcha for the last month and just this past week I’ve been having trouble with it getting pokestops. I’ve read about the soft ban and it doesn’t sound like that’s the case here. I am still able to get pokestops of I spin it manually. It will show a pokestop is on range but won’t get it automatically. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Lots of players on my local Discord report this issue and 99% of the time it’s because they’ve either turn the funtion of in the game App or they turned stops or auto catch function off on the Gotcha.
Check those thing first. I’ve accidentally turned my catch Pokemon off on the Gotcha while it’s been on my wrist leaning on things.

So I’ve checked the in game part and it is selected there. How do I check it on the gotcha itself?

Each time you tap the Gotcha Face it will show a different icon for all the functions you turn on or off.

Try the below link as it has the pics and will be better than me trying to describe it.

To change the settings on one of those icons it’s just a matter of pressing and holding for a bit until the x changes to a tick.

The other thing you can try, is to reset the Gotcha. In order to do that you put it in the charger and remove it Ten times. I’ve had to do this a couple of times when it just stopped responding. I always do that with the power for charging on.

If all else fails un pair it and repair it back up to your device. Always do the reset method on the Gotcha if you do that.

Gotchas and Go Plus are great when they are working but can be frustrating items when they stop working.

My Tips if the Gotcha starts having Issues:
They can start miss behaving when getting low on charge. Put it on the charger for 2hrs to fully charge it.
Check your setting on the Gotcha. It’s very easy to accidentally change something if leaning on something.
Rest the Gotcha by putting in the charger and taking it out 10 times.
Un-pair and re-pair the Gotcha to your Device. Make sure its completely deleted from your device first.

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That was it! All fixed. Thank you so much!!!