Good IV but Bad Moves?

I don’t know about you guys but it seems to me that every time a get a Pokémon with great IVs they get awful moves but ones that don’t have as good IVs get top notch movesets. Has anyone else had this problem chronically?

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Definitely. Normally happens with my 100% IV mons. The only one it appeared not to happen with was a 100% IV Goldeen…
Occasionally I get lucky with those between 90-98% IVs but rarely.
Most disappointing was my 100% Raichu…

i personally have a relative problem to yours - that said i’ve never even had a 100% IV in my time in Go

i’m facing the same problem here.
hope they will introduce something like TM to alter this.
I got perfect IV for my Onix, after working hard for candy and evolution item.
the one i’ve evolved turned into very bad moveset.
very frustrated.

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I have that problem all the time. I know it’s random on the moveset but it’s also frustrating not having any control over your moves.

I think we just remember it more because it matters more. I save all 100% IV no matter the moveset with hope that re-rolls are coming.


Yup, that’s the way to go! My 100% Venusaur has Vine Whip and Sludge Bomb. According to some Pokemon websites, this is the worst movesets. I rechecked recently and to my surprise, some apps and resource-websites, say it’s the best moveset. It all depends on the trainer and how he uses his Mons.

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There is probably some truth to that. However I have done 24 Blastoise and 20 Riachu and non of them have their best respective moveset. Same story with Sandslash, Scizzor and a few others. My wife on the other hand seems to get the desirable moves first evolution. Not game breaking but frustrating none the less.

Do really hope they implement a way to train your 'mon so we can make some of these more useable.

Whoever said that was worst moveset is tripping.

Vine whip is the best quick move, for sure. And go doesn’t have a real good poison hit, except for gengar on (surprise) that same charge move. It’s venasaurs only split special now, and those have favoritism with most in gym sits.

Right now, the “he’s not big enough” argument…I really hope this rework fixes that. I want diversity.

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Thankfully we have tms now :wink:
Soooooo useful