Gold gym badge disappeared! Help

I downloaded the new Apple IOS update for Pokemon go yesterday night. Today driving into work (at a stoplight) I noticed a new gym at a location that previously was a poke stop but thought nothing of it until I got off work and went to battle some gyms. While exploring around my local spots I noticed that a gym that I had gold in gave me a whole new gym badge and no team ball bonus. Seeing that made me sick. How do I get Niantic to give me back my gold gym badge? Has this happened to anyone else?

Is it possible they slightly moved the gym thus creating a new one? It’s a different picture and the O’s are no longer capitalized, so the game may see it as a brand new gym…hard to really say what happened

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The name probably got corrected in Ingress and the change carried over to POGO. The game treated it like a new Gym.

Gym cords appear to be exactly the same. Picture as you noted did change and so did the spelling but not drastically. The picture was updated and the name changed from capital WOOFfield Dog Park to Wooffield Dog Park. This simple picture update and name alteration must be treating it as a whole new gym. How do I get Gold back?

I submitted a bug report but they made me type “I acknowledge” that I won’t receive a response from them. So how can I make them correct their mistake? Thoughts?

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Seems like they may not honour it since they would have to give everyone else Gold and silver badges and stats again. Saddly thats a big loss.

This happened to me three times. The gym disappears because the statue the gym shows has been removed. The most nearby PokéStop became a gym. Three times!! To me all badges were Silver.

Maybe later my city doesn’t have PokéStops/Gyms anymore🤷🏻‍♂️

When only the location changes, you keep your gold badge.

When the name changes, the game sees it as a new gym so it resets your stats. The only way to get it gold again is to defend/battle/raid etc again.

@Robdebobrob that’s not true. The gym totally disappears and the most nearby PokéStop becomes a new gym. And yes, your badge stays.

Well, it’s not entirely a bad thing if a gym nearby gets reset. Who knows, we might get some quest to badge-up a gym. I’d rather do such a quest right next door, than having to travel several miles to find one I didn’t even spin yet.

Not in his example… he has a golden gym badge and than a new gym badge not even bronze, so the same stop stayed a gym. When a gym is removed (or moved) out of its level 14 s2 cell and there is still the required number of stops in that cell for a gym, then a new one will appear.

If the name changes, the gym will be the same and with the same status. But he means what I said, or isn’t that true, @SCArsenalGunner?

You’re right too, but I don’t think he meanf that