Going to Pokémon GO Fest Chicago!

Just booked my hotel at Fairmont Chicago!
Who else is going?
I want to meet you guys who are going, too!


Who thinks legendaries will be available in some kind of way at this event?

I think it’s virtually guaranteed. But let’s see as we get close to the date.

Pika! Can we hire you as a GO Hub reporter on the field? :smiley: Not going, as it’s too far for us Europeans

I’d like to think that they would release legendaries at that event, but I also think that they wont. Not everyone can get to Chicago at that time, therefore not giving everyone a chance to catch that legendary. Everyone should have an equal chance to catch one and I think it should be in the form of eggs in which you need to walk 50KM or 100KM

There will be events in europe too :wink: Don’t worry, they didn’t forget about us.
But I hope there will be more sponsors than just Unibail-Rodamco. I mean, I’m lucky to live in a coutry with 2 of those shopping centers.

I will sure report in on the happenings! :grinning:
As noted by others, Europe will get event announcement soon.

Legendaries or not, I’m gonna enjoy the experience with my son. :grinning:

Wow i just got sad and happy…the first ever event and i cant go to Chicago becuase i was deported a few yours ago…sad. Happy hunting

How fast do you think it will sell out?

Wish they gave more notice…summer plans are already made (I’m sure I’m not the only one) and I would love to visit Chicago because I’ve never been. Oh well… maybe the next one

As a person that lives in Heracross territory, they better not have them there! :rage: Completely ruins the point of regional EXCLUSIVES

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Agreed, I’m unable to go simply because my summer has already racked up too many unchangeable plans. Really hope they will expand to more parts of the world very soon.

Just talked to my cousin and it looks like I’ll be attending (depending on available tickets). He lives in Schaumburg, so I prolly just take the train into the city. Pretty excited, sounds fun.

How can u be sure you’ll get a ticket?
I wanna go, but can’t book flight until i know I’ll have an event ticket

That’s an excellent idea, but I feel they will be available through gyms and battling a specific gym. It would work best with the birds though.

Here’s the thing, and an article was already written expressing this. No one knows what this event actually, is/will entail, or what, if any, nanana-booboo collectors pop they will give.

The article writer says dropping a legendary there would be a mistake. The raging and potential quits would be quite a lot.

I kinda agree. But they need something. Ticket sales, people commuting and booking hotels and whatnot…

It cannot be like that other lame thing they did, that nobody even wants to remember cause it was so pointless.

My idea? Shinies. Getting your ticket down there should reward you with…all three shiny kanto starters. Or…your choice of ONE johto starter…or pikachu (I would save this last one for the Japan event, personally). Something like that.

And the event guys need to keep those stops lured. The WHOLE time. We are going to be paying the money. That expense should be pissing pennies to them.

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I am definitely going. I live just 2 hours away from Chicago. Really excited. I am level 34

I will be going and I will be live streaming the event www.twitch.tv/xipty

Considering the fact that i live just outside the city of Chicago… ill be there lol

For those going and streaming/reporting. Thank you so much. It sounds like niantic is going to be as informative on this as they are on, well, everything. We’ll be needed your info to help better figure how these events are going to go.

Im going from Denton Tx (lvl 39.5) team instinct but i love everyone! Staying at Fairmount. Cant wait! Just hope the tickets are plentiful! Its sad they are charging but previous events trainers left trash & messes in parks so now Nitanics being sued for it so, Im guessing this is to pay for security & clean up.
Who else is going & tell us where your from your level & team if you like.