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  • Caterpie
  • Charmander
  • Grimer
  • Porygon

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I’m not voting for Porygon because I can already tell you that is going to win, and I think the second winner might even have less than 50% of the votes Porygon has. I think I’m going for Grimer because it has two different forms. On the other hand, I feel bad for not voting Caterpie, as I really like Caterpie.

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I’m ambivalent, I’ll just catch whatever it is and move on to the next.

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Well im actually looking forward to a porygon CD. Got a 98% shadow that needs to be evolved (its already TM’ed).
2nd choice… non really peak my interest.

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Like everyone predicted, most likely Porygon will win, but two evolution items are needed to get to one Porygon Z

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That shouldn’t be a problem for me:

I really don’t need any more of these.


Ive only got 1 upgrade, but last time we needed an item (Rhyperior) we were given a bunch of them. So im not worried.

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Well I am definitely NOT voting Grimer anymore because Niantic decided the Alolan forme will be in Raids only. Weird company it is, really. Besides, I don’t think the Fighting-type move will really make Muk any better anyways.

Also not voting Charmander because Charizards are strong against my Ultra League team and because it has already had its own Community Day and doean’t deserve a second in my opinion. It will probably be October’s CD though.

I’m not voting for Porygon either because that is already going to win.

Leaves me to one option, and that is JormdeCaterpillar. Will probably not win, but I’m definitely voting for that lovely thing! Although I do hope Beedrill with the new Flying-type move won’t be too strong then as Flying is strong against both my Great and Ultra League team. Well, whatever, I really want to have my own Yellow Caterpillar, but I’m not having my hopes up, so yeah…

I’ll see what happens, but I think we can say it’s already clear. Anyways my Venusaur will probably not be safe enough for GBL anymore.

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