GoFest locations revealed


June 13–16: Pokémon GO Fest Chicago
July 4–7: Pokémon GO Fest Dortmund
2019 Summer: Pokémon GO Fest Asia (To be announced)
Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for details on how to secure tickets to this summer’s biggest Pokémon GO events. A number of Safari Zone events are coming up in the second half of 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

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Dortmund is 300 km from my home i think. Ill plead to my parents to go there lol


More interested in the revealed CD dates.
Whatever special will be at the GO fests will be globally so i dont feel the need to go there too much.


Hopefully this means the US will see Safari Zones at some point.


I should be happy about the Go Fest in Germany… And I am for all those who can go.
I won’t be able to go there. OK… I would… but my husband doesn’t want to spend a week of summer vacation worth on a single crowded day in Dortmund, and I won’t be going alone.

I’m still hoping on the Safari Zones, but I guess there won’t be anything nearer than Dortmund… (hoping for Munich or Nuremberg or something else in a daytrip distance…)

Same, i was worried that the July CD might fall on the weekend of my wedding and have to miss out on it.

Haha. Imagine standing in the church:
“Do you, Ryan, take this women to be your wife”
“Hang on buddy, theres a shiny here” :rofl: