GoFest 2020 Prep

I’m at a theme park on Saturday & Sunday and plan on buying the ticket - I’ll be queuing most of the two days. What prep are you folks doing? Stocking up on which items, clearing our your eggs? Any tips? It’s my first GoFest.

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Personally, I have bought the current Special Box, transferred 150 Pokémon, bought an Incense bundle, collected as many PokéCoins as I could in case I need to buy more and I will buy a Pokémon Storage upgrade during GO Fest. I’ll make sure I have a powerbank with me so I can constantly walk and that my Gotcha is fully charged so that I can let it spin PokéStops. I only have yet to find a good place nearby, since I’m on holiday and that might be quite hard but it’s no problem.

Hopefully this will help, but you do need some PokéCoins so I hope you do have these. Powerbanks are also definitely worth it.

Btw, there is a special Promo Code Puzzle for GO Fest. Might contain a lot of helpful items given the special way Niantic is sharing this code with us. We don’t know the code completely yet, but I’ll share it here with the rewards when we do. That’ll be later today probably. Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything special, but I honestly doubt that.

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I’m not doing any prep as I’m not participating.
I’ll actually be having some PoGo free time while it’s on to avoid the server crashes and circle of death time.
Hope everyone that does participate feels they get value for $ at the end of it.

Here are 2 videos to help you prepare.

Balls and Pokebagspace. Thats pretty much it for me.

Thanks for the replies!!

That would be awesome, thank you! I have a few ones I’m stuck on and I’m busy to keep an eye on twitter so that would be so appreciated!

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I might clear my space but that’s about it
We’re at our lodge rn so Ill definitely get to the city to grab some of those precious Gible

5PTHMZ3AZM5QC <— code for free items (10 ultra balls, 10 max potions, 1 Sinnoh Stone)

Source: https://twitter.com/NianticLabs/status/1286068891387482112


That’s a bonus one, I wonder what the real one was

The real one doesn’t work. :man_facepalming: Only one person could claim it. Niantic messed literally everything up.

In case they’ll fix it, the real code was:



Well not 1, but only very few.
The real one gave 2 premium raid passes, 2 super incubaters, 2 incense, 10 hyper potion and 2 lucky egg.

definitely better then what were getting now. Bit of a weird move they did. But its Niantic so thats par for the course…

Doesn’t matter. Bit unfair. I’ve been wasting all my time waiting for the code and then of course they reveal the last clue in the middle of the night. :man_facepalming:

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Yeah that is kinda crappy. I thought anyone that got the code would win.

How do they get that code? Is it like winning a lottery?

Not really. More like first come first serve. Only the fastest people could claim it if I’m not mistaken.

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The last two were also numbers, so I think it was already gone before the last clue as it was just pick numbers and try it. So it is kinda crappy to be fair.

The last one was an A😉

I’d rather get an Elite Charge TM, to give Meteor Mash to my Shadow Metagross before Black Kyurem comes.

John Hanke confirmed Rotom and shiny Unown will be at Go Fest! :smiley: