GO-tcha instruction?

Hi to all
Im new here so obviously dont no all the ins and outs as yet.
As a 34 year old not sure I should play as much PkmGO as I do but to hell with it!
Ive just bought a Datel GOtcha and personally find it much better than my PkmGO, Im wondering thought as I cant seem to find out anywhere, how do you just turn it off?

Seems a pretty stupid question but as I said cant seem to find the answer anywhere.

Thanks all in advance!


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It shuts off automatically a few minutes after it disconnects from your device.


Yep, no turn off function.
At the end of a play session just click on the icon on your phone screen to discont it and it will go into hibernation mode (turn itself off) until you want to use it agin.

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Thanks mate really appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

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As with the other comment thank you for the info, its massively appreciated! :slight_smile:

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