Go-Tcha Evolve Turning on Issues

Hi, Hoping someone can help me… Ive a Go-Tcha Evolve and it turned off - went into hibernation mode I think once the battery ran flat… I cant wake it up? the first time sent it back to where i got it from and they sent me another, and now it has happened again with the new one… surely once the battery is flat… it doesnt kill it?? Can someone advise?? I have tried the reset procedure of plugging it in and out 10/20 times… still no joy! thanks in advance

I’d put on some loud music next to it

I’ve had the same issue.
I bought 2 at the same time.
Both being used at the same time one died mid game play. I was mystified thinking it can’t be flat as both were fully charged at same time. The other still had around 20-30% left.
Chucked it on the charger and nothing, completely dead.
That was only after the 4th time being used too. Couldn’t find the invoice for the purchase to chase up faulty product.
Looks like they may have had a batch of dud batteries used in the manufacture.
The Evolve is better than the the first Gotcha but is still poor by design in the way you charge it and not being able to replace a dud battery makes it a throw away item.

Sorry I can’t help with the issue of getting it going again.

I’ve had these types of problems for several months. I just bought another Evolve last month hoping it was just a buggy one that I’d bought last summer. Unfortunately, that is not the case…

Both have never gotten below half battery so I know low charge isn’t the issue. I’m not sure what triggers them to go into hibernation, but I’d say 1-4 times a week I struggle to get them to wake. I typically try the “10x reset” method about 10 times. Then let it sit for awhile, try again. And after no apparent trend, it will just work. I’ve even have it connect to my phone, catch/spin as expected, but the screen remains off.

I’d really like a more useful reset “button” you could access with a paperclip or something.

My dud one has not woken. I put it in the charger occasionally in hope but nothing.
About to order 2 more. Call me crazy. When they arrive the dud will be ditched.
I might smash it with a hammer for closure first.

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The hammer is the best solution… :rofl: :rofl:
But you use it with the Gotcha or with your Dud?

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