Go plus draining battery flat in hours HELP

Hello. I recently bought a go plus. It worked fine for a few days and the low battery icon appeared so I presumed the battery was old and bought a Duracell one. This worked for 3 weeks and went flat so I decided to buy cheap bulk ones. The first few worked for a few days each but when I change it now it will literally last for 2 hours and stop working. When you try to catch a mon it disconnects. One battery went in after a few hours stopped working and the go plus doesn’t even light up blue when you press the button.
I’ve got my hands on a second go plus and this one is also doing it.
I’m using an iPhone 6 and the battery is quite worn from this game. I’ve reinstalled the game, disconnected reconnected and played with all the Bluetooth settings I could find but it’s still the same.
I am going to change the battery in my phone to see wether that helps at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Not sure whats going on there as I’m a a very heavy daily Go Plus user for over 2 years now and my Batteries last 6-10 weeks. I use either Duracell or Energizers with same result.
I have to ask. You are using the correct CR2032 Batteries?
I know from lots of experience there’s a bit of a bug/glitch with with them that they stop working and can give the battery warning even though the battery is fine. I’ve had this happen a bit and I alI do is take the battery out and put it straight back in and it’s fine for days/weeks still.

Failing all that there could be some short circuit that setting the button off like it’s been pressed permanently but it unlikely for it to be happening on 2 different ones. I know I had mine squashed against something.pushing the button in that flattened one battery real quick.

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There are good quality cr2302 usb rechargers on amazon for like ten bucks…I have one, along with a rechargeable 2302, and ive never had a problem

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There’s no point me recharging the battery if it still goes flat in a couple hours though.
Surely something is wrong either the batteries aren’t really flat or somehow the phone is taking their power way to fast.

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Yes they’re definitely all CR2032. Currently the low battery icon doesn’t even appear in game they just work for a few hours then it will find a Pokemon I press the button it will flash white once and then disconnect. If you re connect it it will just do that again until the battery seems to be flat and doesn’t even flash blue on the plus anymore. Then if I replace the battery it is totally back to normal but will play up again after an hour or so.

If you have a couple hours of game time…that should be perfect for one big sesh before you stop to do something else. Have you tried setting the go plus to do only one specific task and not have it enabled to do both catch and spin?? Try doing one or the other and see if that works

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I can play for 2-6 hours at a time often with my Go Plus running the whole time. reconnecting straight away after the 1hr time out of course without flattening the Battery.

When it first started disconnecting I did set it to only spin and it worked for about 30 mins before stopping again

I heard it will disconnect after an hour but mine will disconnect and then if you reconnect it after each time I try to catch something it will disconnect again

I’m using the CR2032 battery and after using nearly every day, after 4 month it’s still the first battery. So, I can’t believe it’s a problem of the battery.
I had another effect, that at least once a week I had to take out the battery and put it again inside the GO Plus, something like a hard reset, to be able to connect with it. But allways with the same battery, and still it’s working.

I’m going to put a new battery in my phone to see what happens. If I take the battery out and put it back it connects and just disconnects next catch attempt

Have you tried to take the 2302 out for an extended period of time, and then put it back in…like overnight??

A new battery really helps