Go+ Not Getting Pokestop Alerts During Legendary Raid Periods

Has anyone else noticed the game not alerting their Go+/Go-tcha of pokestops in range much of the time since the new Legendary Raids started ? I’m assuming it’s a server end heavy usage problem, as watching the phone screen I see the game fail to recognise the stop being there until you manually select it.

Anyone else noticed a similar problem ?

I have the Go-tcha watch and it has been notifying and spinning me for stops without any issue.
Maybe this is just you?

Ever since raids began, I’ve had a hard time connecting my Go+ when there are a lot of raids in the area. I can easily connect it when I’m at home, before driving to the park. After I do a raid, it disconnects for some reason, and then I can only get it to connect when I go somewhere where there are no raids. Since there is always at least one raid at the park, I basically haven’t used my Go+ in weeks.

I can’t say I’ve had the same problem with my Go+. Everything still works fine for me.
Might have something to do with the network being overloaded in your area though…