Go Hub Community Competition : Eevee x2

Go Hub Community Competition : Eevee

This a big one Trainers, E-Day!

For this community day;
Most Eevees caught (normal or shiny)
Most Eevees Evolved
Most shiny Eevee and Eevlutions
Highest cp Eevee and Eevlutions
Best IV Eevee and Eevlution

If anyone wants to add any certain criterias to the challenge that may make it more fun feel free to drop a idea and ill add it to this opening post.

Winner gets bragging rights.
Title of “Community day EeVo Champ”( not actual title just bragging rights)
Sounds fun?

1st time zone is JST (Japanese Standard Time)
2nd time zone is UTC/GMT (Universal Coordinated Time/Greenwich Mean Time)
3rd time zone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Since this a two day event all timezones will compete against one another and winner will be decided Monday (eastern timezone)

This a huge FREE for all trainers‼️

Gotta catch all Eevees and try and Evolve them!

There should be one Victor, at the end because there might be to little Pokemon in the first time zone

i said there will be only 1

This sounds really fun! Good luck to all.

Never gonna win as a rural

I’m gonna try!:joy:

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Im enetering the competition
Im going to a (for me extreme urban) place for eevee

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First timezones to do E-day are around the corner. Also this will be extended till tuesday est timzeone so that everyone can post.

Goodluck with your shiny hunting.

To you, also. Good luck everyone (bye the time I wake up everyone will be done I think)

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Hopefully the catches are good today

1 shiny
59 iv

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9 shinies. All crap iv :rofl:


Lol :laughing:

Oh lol :joy:

29 shiny for day 1

hoping day 2 is good.

Just finished day 2 eevee CD

Say how many shiny eevee you have total :sweat_smile:

Iv them all and rename them that will help.

thats alot of photos…lmao rather not