Go Hub Community Challenge : Larvitar

I issue a community day challenge to any and all trainers on the Hub.

For this community day;
Most shiny Larvitar
Highest cp Tyranitar
Best IV Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar

Winner gets bragging rights. So that there is no draws ( same cp same iv same amount of Larvitars-Tyranitar)
It will be a first come first post basis.

If anyone wants to add any certain criterias to the challenge that may make it more fun feel free to drop a idea and ill add it to this opening post.

Winner gets bragging rights.
Title of ‚ÄúCommunity day Smack Down champ‚ÄĚ( not actual title just bragging rights)
Sounds fun?

1st time zone is JST (Japanese Standard Time)
2nd time zone is UTC/GMT (Universal Coordinated Time/Greenwich Mean Time)
3rd time zone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)

@vineel winner of the JST timezone :star2:
@Robdebobrob winner of UTC/GMT timezoneūüĆü

World’s first shiny larvitar i caught

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THere are literally no larvitar anywhere

Event doesn’t start where I live until 2.

Pretty good event, lavitars everywhere unlike the previous event where spawns were scarce. Final count is 4 shinies.
The event was extended for 2hours here in Japan, I guess due to frequent ‚Äúnetwork error‚ÄĚ during the first hour of the event. They did this during the the Dratiny and Mareep CD as well.
Hope everybody enjoy this CD on your respective timezones!

This will be first CD I’ve got to play with my son since Dratini. Had to work 2 of them and next one he was on a road trip.

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8 Shiny
1x 100% IV a whopping 67cp. This will be a slow Power Up a little bit at a time. Might be a good one for the 3 Power Ups Quests.
Found a 96% and 93% in the collection but the Attack stats disappointing with 13 and 12.

What about worst iv? :joy: i got a 2/2/2 or 13%


13 shinys. Evolved 2 with 15 ATK, 1 with 14 ATK and then another 2 normal ones with 15 ATK.
Not a bad community day. Was hoping for a few higher IV ones. there was a 100% spotted (someone got it shiny) but they didnt remember where they caught it.

175 caught total.

My shinies overall …
And I exchanged some Larvitar Shinies under 300cp with 70% IV below


Didn’t manage to get a shiny, but I did manage to get enough Larvitar to get Tyranitar with Smack Down

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Ive got six shinies and a 100IV Kyogre an hour after CMD ended, does that count?


can you post screenshot

Its not very clear when i try to put all 13 on, but good enough right.

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Congratulations to @vineel and @Robdebobrob for winning in their respected timezones.

1 more timezone left

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Do two non-larvitar 100IVs count?

saddly not, but raided tyranitar would.

:cry: but it was still during the day

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