GO HUB Challenge

Seeing as certain areas have a challenge. I would like to see more activity on the Hub.

I issue a community day challenge to any and all trainers on the Hub.

For this community day;
Most shiny charizards
Highest cp charizard
Best IV charizard

Winner gets bragging rights. So that there is no draws ( same cp same iv same amount of charizards)

It will be a first come first post basis.

If anyone wants to add any certain criterias to the challenge that may make it more fun feel free to drop a idea and ill add it to this opening post.

Winner gets bragging rights.
Title of “Community day Blast Burn champ”( not actual title just bragging rights)

Sounds fun?

1st time zone is JST (Japanese Standard Time)
2nd time zone is UTC/GMT (Universal Coordinated Time/Greenwich Mean Time)
3rd time zone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)


Thanks for me giving a reason to play this CD

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If a good turn out should have 3 winners

3 different timezones.

The friday “early birds” Tokyo timezones(dont know what that timezone called)
The early morning saturday for the Europe
Finally the North Americans

So dw if your a different timezone.

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shiny Charizard isn’t enough for you to play?

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Nope its ugly
And i already know mister rural guy is bot going to win

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Hey, don’t give up! Niantic is working on a submission feature, so soon your gameplay should become better

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This will be the first CD I haven’t been at work since Dratini. My wife and kids will be out of town though, so ill just have to hang out with the people I raid with.

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Sorry… just for clarification… (I know… I can be a nitpicker :smile::blush:) You are talking about Charizard
Since the featured Pokémon is “only” its pre-evolution Charmander, would you count only shiny Charizards, i.e. shiny Charmanders that have been evolved through to Charizard?
I love forum challenges, but I won’t be evolving all my shinies for this :sob::sob:

And I guess this all counts only for (evolved) Charmanders chaught within the CD timeframe, so we will have to provide a screenshot including the date/time and location, right?

How is the the highest CP thing going to work? We could have powered it up all way…

But let’s see, what we can get, I’m sooo looking forward to this CD (OK, any CD…) :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

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Yes it’s for Char"izard"

Most shiny charizards. Yea

Yes who ever could possibly power it up all the way first could win.

Since it’s only shiny charizard and only being friday/saturday this challenge is finished on saturday. Can’t really post a shiny charizard on thursday and by end of event on saturday this event will also be done so by sunday there should be a winner.

No need for timestamps. It’s only shiny charizards. No regular charizards at all since someone can have mass charmanders to evolve into blast burn charizards.

Pretty much type “shiny” into the search with the “recent” pokemon selected then post your charizards.

But yeah, I agree with @kRe with the fact that there should b a seperate event for the shinies overall

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Tomorrow For the early birds!

Later tomorrow night for Europe!

Saturday for north america / other timezones

( Dont really know what to call each timezone dont be offended)

1st time zone is JST (Japanese Standard Time)
2nd time zone is UTC/GMT (Universal Coordinated Time/Greenwich Mean Time)
3rd time zone is PST (Pacific Standard Time)

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thank you. Added this to first post.

Well I live in the third TZ and I use EST

Anyone can play any timezone. It just refrence to anyone who wonders why someone posts before their Community Day. So if anyone posts on friday they can’t just end any of the other two timezones chance at winning this event.

If you post friday then your in the first timezone. If not everyone will be posting on saturday.

Good Luck Jst

^^^You got me beat. I got 4 Shinies and 400+ candies to work with. But I went home early because wife and kids were out of town and I needed to let dogs out. I feel bad for my son. He was up in mountains of Tennessee and got no cell reception. No Shinies for him and very few Charmanders.

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nNot best IV but best i got
i love my charizards!