GO Hub Articles - Wayfarer and PokéStop Nominations available worldwide for L40 Trainers | Pokemon

It’s live! :star_struck:


Nice. Finally. About 3 years late :stuck_out_tongue:
Now ive got 21 submissions every 14 days haha.

Curious to see what other players can get trough and what the impact on the game actually will be.

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Better late than never. I hope it won’t take too long before the new Poke stops and Gyms start to appear in the game.

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It took some time, but finally. Will try to get my home PokéStop today (it’s very likely to become a Pokestop)! :four_leaf_clover:

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Allready passed the test, so now I may review you guys as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not mine at least yet. I’m going to look for some reviews in a few hours😛. Unless the weather tells me I mustn’t.

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Nominated my first two PokéStops today. Not sure why I sometimes get Chinese texts though. :thinking: Or Japanese. Whatever.


Only one PokéStop / Gym can be placed in a single Level 17 cell. If you’re submitting a PokéStop whose location falls inside a “taken” L17 cell, your submission will not be added to Pokemon GO. It can appear in Ingress, but it will be ignored in GO.

Is this still valid or is it possible to submit more Poke stops in a level 17 cell like in Ingress?

Nope, this is still valid

Then I have to choose one of the 3 potential Poke stops that are inside a single level 17 cell.

It says in the rules that you can nominate any place no matter what the density of Poke stops and their distance is. So I’ll nominate all the places that are eligible and I’ll wait to see which ones will end up in Pokemon GO.

probably the first one that gets trough the review system. They wont all be accepted at the same time.

The site is 100% down for me at the moment…anyone else?
edit:the site is down globally. Nice job Niantic

Just got a mail back that the first PokéStop I submitted, is eligible, too. I noticed the Stop is already in Ingress, not in PoGo yet. It took the second PokéStop I submitted a day to appear in the game, though, so I hope this one too will still appear in POGO.

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My first Poke stop got accepted! :star_struck: :tada: :trophy: That was fast, only 2 days have passed since I nominated it!


Yeah, they seem to be reviewed pretty fast.

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How can I see which Ingress portals exist in my town so that I don’t nominate duplicates? We have a monument in the center of our town that was a Gym before, but for some reason it was deleted. I’d like to nominate it again if I can.

I’m not sure, but perhaps you can see the POI’s in the Niantic Wayfarer site; I haven’t checked that yet. If not, the only solutions seems to be downloading Ingress.

By the way, POI’s, a Gym in your example, are not removed for no reason. I think you should check if it really is eligible first, before you try to submit it again.

It is eligible, otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised that they removed it. It’s a monument in the central square, accessible, meets all the criteria. One day it was removed although it was a popular Gym, I had gold medal there. Niantic then decided to put a Poke stop in the town square which is actually the whole town square as a POI. There are at least 5 POIs in the town square, so I don’t understand their decision. Maybe there are many portals in Ingress there, but I don’t know and I don’t want to waste my nominations.