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GO Hub Articles - Swinub Incense Day 2021

This is happening this weekend with various ground/ice type pokemon featured.

I’m happy. This is a good shot for me to get enough Candy XL for my hundo Mamoswine and my hundo Beartic.


Net sort of community day variation. I’m in the process of maxing out a couple of good Mamo’s and Ttars, for which this event could be quite helpful.

But I’m scheduled to work all day again (from about 7am to about 9pm), I’ll probably manage to squeeze a minute or two of play every couple of hours, giving me 15 or 20 minutes of play time, total. Which will mean missing about 95 percent of the event. :cry:

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Sounds like you need to get yourself a go-tcha. It connects as a pokemon go plus, but everything is automated, equivalent to wrapping a rubber band around a pokeball plus.

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I like the idea. My dual catchmon plus only throws regular pokeballs, though; and swinub almost always need a berry or a great ball, for me. But even a few would be better than none, so I’ll give that a try. :+1:

Gotcha or all other auto catch devices only use normal pokeballs, they all do. But, catchrate is simply 50%. Species or CP don’t matter at all. You have as much chance to catch a 10 CP pidgey as you do a 2500cp tyranitar.

f you want to test, just make a screenshot of your swinub pokedex. go nuts with the gotcha and check at the end. It’ll be roughly 50% caught versus seen

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I don have enough bag space after CD :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

I have to work Sunday, so no incense day for me.


It’s tempting to do some systematic testing of that 50% figure (especially of the claim it isn’t affected by CP), but only if I had surplus play time that I could rationalize turning back into work time. My auto-catch rate seems closer to 1/3 than 1/2, and virtually no keepers.

I don’t expect to find any Swinub worth keeping in my bag after the event; but the catchmon should glean a little Candy and Stardust and XP that I would not have otherwise gotten, and I am mentally prepared to squander a couple hundred Pokéballs in the process.

I spent the day on the bike letting the Gotcha and GoPlus do the work.
Got enough to get the XLs required after Trading them all.
Picked up a 100% one too so that was nice.
Game flow was terrible. Circle of death coming and going. Constant GoPlus and Gotcha dropping connection.

Turns out Cubchoo was not a featured Ice-type like I was hoping for this event, but I hope that will not be the case for Christmas. I’m REALLY close.

I did get the Candy XL I needed for my hundo Mamoswine though, and even got two Shinies.

I got no hundos, no shinies and had to go for my THIRD (booster) Covid vaccination :syringe:
Today I got a very sore arm :muscle::axe:

I went out raiding with 2 friends from 12 to 5. Insenced the entire 5 hour, and had the gotcha running all the time.

No shinies, of course, because insence event had no boosted odds. And i’m not sad about it. It was free dust and xp and I had no need for these shinies since i have them all.

However, we did 20 Zekrom and Reshiram raids in those 5 hours, on a total of 8 account between us with some remote invites here and there. We had 3 shinies total. First after 10 raids, 3rd on the 20th. raid. 160 raidpasses used, 3 shinies. Crappy odds. Even considering that some of the remote attendees would ninja a shiny 3 out of 160 is bad.

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That is very crap odds. It’s that sort of stuff that makes me do less Raids not more to chase getting one.
I’m more likely to do more in search of a better IV getting more frequent Shiny.

I don’t think I’m your typical market player that Niantic are messing with targeting FOMO.