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Exactly when I’m on holiday again. :confounded: But since Water is very common here and the Shiny releases are just Barboach and Carvanha, I don’t really miss anything.

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Since when is Wobbuffet a Water Pokémon? And since when can you encounter a Shiny Marill or Wobbuffet in the wild? :joy:

Also, is Crabhammer a good move? If so, I’ll probably evolve my Hundo Krabby during the event.


Whoever wrote this probably got confused or just doesn’t know the typing for Wobbufett.

As for Marill I’m assuming the author meant that you have a chance for a shiny Marill via Azuril via egg hatch. :man_shrugging:t3:

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Well, Wobbuffet is blue …

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Preparing for lots of Magicarp.

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So is Armaldo.

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and gobs of Goldeen, and veritable boatloads of Barboach.

Some smashing info on crabhammer.




Oh. So it is a good move? I evolved my 100% Krabby to Kingler but I’m not sure whether to TM it or not.

TM it.
It actually out DPSes Kyogre.
Sure it doesnt live that long, but it actually becomes usefull.
I would compare it to Gengar. Shortlived, but ALOT of damage.

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I suppose the end of the water event moved Crabhammer to Legacy Move status (meaning players can’t TM to it any more)… Does anybody here know for certain whether that’s the case?

I know for certain that is NOT the case.

Evolved a Krabby and spent some spare charged TM’s (had 42) and got Crabhammer on the 2nd try. So its still in.

Before posting my question I used charge TM on three Kinglers, and none got Crabhammer. So I suspected it had gone away with the event that launched it, though it would take far more than 3 tries to make any confident inferences.

Tried two other Kinglers after seeing your answer, and neither got the move, either. That 0 for 5 now. :thinking:

When did you evolve that Krabby and TM it?.

38 minutes ago.

Took me four tries.

While I didn’t get a good enough Krabby for this event for me to evolve, I’ve been sitting on a hundo Crawdaunt. I decided to demote that as a Dark-type attacker and go for the Water-type Attacker. Sure, not as good as Kingler, but might be devastating in Ultra League and Raids where double-weakness to Water plays in.

Got it on evolution of my 98% Krabby

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Thanks for the additional info, @Robdebobrob, @Jormdeworm, @Arem1771, and @MrHeineken88. I’ll try a few more testcases tomorrow.

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