GO Hub Articles - Pokémon GO Tour: Kanto

This is interesting. I sure will participate, with the Green Ticket.

I haven’t decided yet. My Kanto dex is complete. A shiny Mew would be nice but not worth $12

They really put a paywall on shiny Mew :eyes:

That for sure. If it was for Mew only, it definitely would not be worth it.


Cool. You got all the other Kanto shinies, though?

No. But I do have a bunch.

I’m good with it. I still have some Shinies that I don’t have from Kanto, and this is mainly about that, so I’ll definitely do it. Haven’t decided which version I want to do though.

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So is it like paying USD $11.99 to do ticketed special research to get guaranteed shiny Mew?


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