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I’m surprised about the Shiny release of Exeggcute. I expected it to release during a Community Day, actually. I honestly thought Niantic would release either Shiny Chingling or Munchlax, and the Flower Buneary.

Spawn wise it should be a great event, so I hope I’m right. Most of them are also old Community Day Pokémon, so it’s not really a miss-out when you can’t go out because of the pandemic, either.

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Flower-hat Pikachu and Eevee, again? I can hardly contain my joy… :roll_eyes:

Ah, well … better than shutting down the whole game until the house arrest ends.


No no, it gets even better: Flower crown Togepi.

But 1km eggs from gifts containing (shiny) Riolu seems nice.


Awesome. I was sitting here hoping for more Pokemon with hats and baby Pokemon in eggs! Dreams do come true. :wink:


Well, it’s kind of expected that events in April will not be too good because of the pandemic

Sure, but we’ve been having similar events for a good year now. Pokemon with hats. Baby Pokemon. Two things that I don’t personally feel excite very many players.

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Sure, hatching a Riolu is always nice. Without an event boost to its shiny rate, though, the prospect of hatching a shiny Riolu seems only slightly less improbable than the prospect of the covid-19 confinement ending tomorrow…


Not much in it for me.
Candy meh, XP don’t care. The times my least active play time and can only really do every second week due to work.
Actually I’m glad it’s not extra Dust so I’m not missing anything really.

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Instead of a couple of different Pokémon with hats, how about having most of them with masks that so many people are wearing to avoid the crown virus? :mask::wink:

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Is it worth buying this for the current event?

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, I do have enough PokéCoins.

already bought that box myself. Was kinda hoping for a slighty better one when the event started but sofar there is none. And since i have 7 x 10 km eggs in the way and no incubators left i had to get incubators anyway.

Also, Pichu, togepi, riolu, happiny and even buneary are worth hatching a lot IMO. I’m expecting nothing, but still going pretty hard for this event.

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I only hope I won’t hatch a lot of Tyrogue, Chingling and Munchlax.

i have 7 x 10km eggs incubated now, they’ll drift-hatch before i get off from work.
These hatching are alway disappointing, as with most eggs anyway. So in that scenario this event won’t be any different. Still gonna try, not much else to do

I have decided I’m going to buy the box, because I’m interested in the ‘Hatch 4 Eggs’ task and Riolu. I hope it’s worth it!

I’m never a fan of hatching eggs task, so I don’t bother to buy the box


I know, but right now I can get three Chansey per km, so I think it’s worth it. Also, Alolan Exeggutor is welcome, too. And Incubators I don’t use will be saved for another event.

i myself only hatch 1 egg untill i got at least 2 tasks for multiple eggs.
I’ll never hatch more then 4 eggs at the same time, my rule nr 1 this event simply because of the quests. This way the incubators last longer.

my first batch of 4 yesterday gave me 3 tyrogue in a row and 1 Riolu…

but since then the hatches were better.

Yeah I’m also doing four Eggs per time, but I’m hatching the old ones first. I have somehow gotten the Flower Crown Pichu though.

Small update while the event lasts another few days:

This event has absolutely been a good one for me. If you think about it, there are a sh!tton of different shinies to get this event, more then any usual event. So getting some shinies should be doable if you try.

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