GO Hub Articles - Pokémon GO Halloween 2019


2x transfer candy – this makes me very glad I didn’t already convert all my mediocre Altered-Form Giratina to candy. More power-up potential for my Origin-Form Giratinas.


Hmm good one. Ive got 679 Legendary pokemon in storage. I guess it would be a good time to transfer some.


Cant wait to get the Litwick hat and Darkrai 🥰

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Saving my trash… :wastebasket:

They pulled out all the stops for this event, and I’m loving it.

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It’s an once a year opportunity to have double transfer candy, time to clear up Pokémon inventory.


Found a nice infographic compiled from several lose once.


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23 hours to go. 250 Pokemon ready to transfer and I’m not done cleaning out.

Update: 5 hours to go, 500 ready to transfer. Didn’t know I had so much junk. :man_facepalming:

DONE: Total trash number: 539 and 230+ Pokemon ready to get a lot of km’s while trading.

I’m finally going to clear out old Legendaries.

Ready for event to start…


The first Squirtle with a costume has already been caught, YESTERDAY. Well done Niantic… :rofl:


Got 101 berries left to go!

So the cleanup is complete, let’s get some Ghost…

A tip for those of you that catch one of the started without costume and can’t evolve, restart the game. That should fix it.

Already on page 2 of the Special Research, but dang, I forgot that last year we had to spin 8 stops I haven’t spun before. I kind of cleaned up my area in a 2-mile radius.

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I got just 2 around here, but in a 5km radius I’ll think I’ll find them. Or at least I hope so.

Phew… I’m somehow lucky about those 8 unspun stops… The town where we will be moving once our house is “habitable” (i.e. we have electricity, water and internet) has gotten quite some new stops in the last few months and there are lots I haven’t been to, so this should be done until the weekend’s over.
But I still think it’s a stupid task for a halloween field research.

But I’m glad they changed those Pokémon encounters. I got an almost perfect Litwick from it :grin:

The rest of the event… Hm…At the moment it’s not just Pikachu, Pikachu, Ghost, Pikachu, so that’s OK.
I don’t think I’ll be shiny hunting anything but wild spawns (it’s probably impossible to get those costume starters as a shiny…)

BTW: It seems that the new costume Pikachu is not found when searching for “costume” :joy:
And it can be mass transferred…