GO Hub Articles - Pokemon GO EX Gyms Update October 2019


I’ve got 15 that went Ex 2-5min drive from home.
Still updating my Master list I keep. The number I now have in a 30min Raidius will be quite large.

We went from absolutely zero (OK we had one far far outside in the middle of nowhere, unreachable without a car, where no one ever played or even wanted to play… what a waste…) to 2 new EX raid gyms. In our local park which is also our main Community Day meeting place. So we should easily be able to get one triggered.
Unfortunately they are within about 20m - so we won’t be able to trigger both, but hey… we finally have EX raid gyms, our raid group couldn’t be happier! :star_struck::smiley:

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We went from 0 to 6 in my town.


I like the prospect of having more EX raids, even if more raids spread across the same number of players might mean smaller groups in each EX raid. On the other hand, I don’t expect this will make up for the recent reduction in spawns around town (in terms of overall enjoyment of the game).

In my area, it seems like as long as the gyms are located inside a park, they all become ex raid eligible

There were about 6 gyms that I raided often that were EX gyms, and I found 7 more today that became EX gyms. I can hardly wait to check out the other 20 or so gyms that I tend to raid.

I found 1 extra exraid gym, just sitting on a couch. I hoop I can get around on my crutches on this CD and find more.

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