GO Hub Articles - Pokémon GO Buddy Up! Event

I thought I could finally take some rest, but another good event is coming, I see. :sweat_smile:

Hopefully this one doesn’t go like the Easter Event and I hope I can get the Shiny Illumise before it leaves. And if that doesn’t happen, then at least I’m glad I can finally register it.

Also, Alolan Meowth is also a Shiny I want. Hopefully I can find it now. But Illumise will be the main Shiny I’ll be searching for.

At first I though this is another so-called event that wouldn’t do anything but trying to force people to use buddy adventure more…
But no… I’m so looking forward to finally getting Illumise! I’m not even hoping for the shiny, but I’ll try of course. One more regional checked off my list :heart_eyes: (ok… not yet… but it will come)

I’ll just play normal and what will be will be and like most events I’m confident I will be Shinyless for the featured critter.

I’m happy I can finally get Volbeat, first regional since some were released thru 7km egg and Farfetch’d two years ago. If I get shiny, that’s even better

I never did get the Shinies for the Kanto regionals, but I know a lot of people who are happy to get Volbeat.