GO Hub Articles - Pokémon GO Beyond Update Guide

Really hyped, though the Researches Niantic showed us seem a little easy (the task that will take the longest is the “Make Snapshots 7 days in a row”).


This was well-presented and easy to follow. It does make clear that the games within the game are going to be required now, rather than optional, if one wants to reach the highest level. And the sequential nature of them punishes some more than others for not expanding their game to include those other games. (Unlike the medals, which allow achievements in some without the others, this regiments the achievements, one after another.)

I would be reluctantly willing to do more Team GO Rocket stuff; but since reaching the level where it matters, I’ll have to do the GO Battle League stuff. That’s as high as my level will ever go.

So fly, fly, soar like eagles, you pvp aficionados – I’m not going there, because I don’t like that game. Which means I’ll never go past level 43.


I just recently started to do the GO battle leagues more often.

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This 3 week go battle league is actually worth it, and it’s more then doable to reach rank 10 for pikachu libre.

I also didn’t expect it to be so fun with the little cup (sadly i found that out in the last 36 hours), and the 2nd cup.

This biggest issue with the new update is however how much can you do now to prepare versus what you need to do when it’s live. Or can you pump your medals now, or do they require newly played matches?? Same with other stuff.

If you like pvp at all, perhaps.

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I don’t like pvp. It all comes down to who has the best lead pokemon. If you have a bad lead, and have to give away switch/shield advantage, there is nothing you can do but tap it out.

Like yesterday, i opened with my alolan sandshrew to a shadow arcanine, i switch to my ground/shadow alolan marowak, he counter switches to snorlax. Game lost within the first 10 seconds. That not pvp.

However, I want/like Pikachu Libre so the goal outweighs my dislike for pvp.

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I’m with the above re not liking PvP and will reserve my judgment of the medal advancement having a bit of a go at. My heart won’t be in it and it will need to require minimal effort to advance or I’ll be done at that level too.

I don’t have the trial either atm.

Well, 176 000 000 XP for Level 50, rip


That’s only 146.000.000 XP to go for me. Seems easy, will only take me 22 years!


We’re told the trials are being conducted for this in Australia. If @NotanotherKangaskhan isn’t part of it, is @AuntyJanBoylan? (That’s the game name, not sure what the GOHub name is.) Who can give us even a general idea of whether it’s done well or not?

I wonder how it’s deployed, like a 10-stage Special Research (with one stage per-level)? Or will each Beyond level be its own Special Research?

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I have 108 million XP, and even I balked at that.

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Take heart – Gen 8 might be released by then.

I think that with the raised xp rewards I think 15, maybe 20000000 xp will be doable for me per 12 months

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Lvl 50, new reason to play again.

Being task based while still taking some time there will be the hardcore element that will race through it much quicker than that of an XP based level increase.
I think the game makers shot themselves in the foot by making the friends aspect way over powered for XP increases so had to do something else.

Frankly, the quests straight-up don’t matter at all since you’ll doo pretty much all of them unintentionally by the time you finally amass the next 15 million needed for one level-up

For real, the tasks they have shared you need to do in other to reach Level 46 can basically all be done within a week.

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I have some hardcore player on discord., He had 5000000xp in just 2 weeks… So going faster is possible.