GO Hub Articles - Niantic: vote for CD february


What Pokémon are you going to vote for?

  • Vulpix
  • Machop
  • Rhyhorn
  • Dratini

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I do think though, that the Pokémon that didn’t make it will have another chance to vote for later.

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And you what that means! Shiny already out is not an obstacle any more - so we might get Gible CD some time this year!
I can‘t decide… Rhyhorn or Machop :thinking:


I don’t know which one to vote for, either. I think I am just going to try to outvote Dratini, but if Dratini is still going to be the winner, that is still fine by me, too.

  • Machop is worth it, because it will be the first Fighting type to have a Community Day, if it wins. It’s also not that common around here.
  • Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix are cool, common and in Field Research. I hate to get Vulpix out of my Field Research instead of Poliwag, but when its Shiny is released, I won’t hate it anymore.
  • Rhyhorn is cool, the Shiny looks good and it is not that common around here.
  • Dratini, yeah, not sure. I can use some more strong Dragonite, but I bet I am not going to find some good IV’s. I do not have the Shiny family complete yet, though.

Letting us vote upcoming CD Pokémon seems like a win.

Does that really mean I have to find a field research task that matches my choice before I can vote for it, though? That might be even more lame than making us hunt for Pokéstops that will cough up a gift for us to send to friends.

Of these choices I’d pick Machop, mostly for another chance to catch my first shiny one. Then again, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a shiny Rhyhorn at all, so I wouldn’t be too disappointed to have that win the vote.

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Lots of players have been at it since 2016, and many of those already have more than enough of all four of those. It might be appropriate to have a raid event at the same time to give those players less reason to just skip the event altogether.

And if they do that, it would be fair to give those players a choice of the event’s featured raid boss.

As much as I would like a shiny Machop, I think I will be voting for Vulpix and Rhyhorn. Definitely will not be voting for Dratini.

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Niantic have no plan, they’ve run out of ideas.
Let the tail wag the dog by letting people bite on what’s next :rofl:
Personally I don’t care what it will be. I won’t bother to vote.

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While making us spin stops for a specific task is a little odd, this is an interesting idea overall. I sort of expected the CD Pokemon setup to have to change at some point anyway. We’ll eventually run out of starters and pseudo/near-pseudo legendaries, so this makes some sense.

My opinions on who to vote for, like most people, mostly revolve around personal experiences.

  • Vulpix: A popular Pokemon with two forms, so this is a decent choice. I’d consider Vulpix, but am not sure if I’d vote for it in the end. It’s definitely not uncommon where I live, and that factors in a little because Vulpix doesn’t really excite me at this point.

  • Machop: Long mentioned for CD, this is more than likely my choice. I’m not a fan of this Pokemon personally, Machamp is already potent, and I have a 100% IV maxed-out version of it … but, I have failed to get the shiny so far.

  • Rhyhorn: If not Machop, I’m voting for Rhyhorn. I love Rhyperior getting Rock Wrecker and while I doubt it will make it more competitively relevant, the Poke-fan in me just likes seeing a Pokemon get it’s signature move. On top of that, it’s shiny hasn’t been released yet. Nice option.

  • Dratini: Absolutely not. If Dratini wins, I will have no part of this CD. As someone who has played since the beginning, I’ve had my fill of this Pokemon. Even after several gens were released, it felt like half of my 10K hatches were flipping Dratini. lol … besides, it already had a CD! Let other Pokemon get their moment. On a personal level, I already have the shiny (several, in fact) and have a maxed-out 100% IV version already as well. Not interested in the slightest.



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I can’t pass up the opportunity to re-post this… :grinning:

My thoughts:
Vulpix - meh
Dratini - been there, done that
Machop - ditto
Rhyhorn - best of the bunch, gets my vote


They are running out of Pokémon that are in previous CD pattern

Vulpix: might be good for PvP, nice shiny and has two forms

Machop: might be good for PvP, may not be good in raid

Dratini: repeated and might be good for PvP

Rhyhorn: might be good for PvE and it’s only one that needs Sinnoh Stone to evolve to final stage

I mean I wouldn’t mind shiny machop, it would definitely be my third choice, except I want a mon that doesn’t have a shiny form already released. If I have to grind harder for a shiny Machop that’s fine with me. And I or don’t really do pvp so whether it’s effectiveness in pve/pvp doesn’t really matter to me.

Just saying,

There now is a chance for gible to get a CD later!

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I think it will be going to be Rhyhorn. Not just based on this, I had some fun reading which one everone wants, and most of them said Rhyhorn.

  • Rhyhorn: Nice shiny, strong evolve with a move full of potential. Clear winner!
  • Vulpix: Looks nice and I like the move as well. A good 2nd.

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  • Machop: It is alleady shiny released. It is shiny available allready and has the best moveset. Why give it a CD with such a :poop: move? And yes: I need some shiny Machop as well.
  • Dratini: It allready has his CD, with his end year CD too, so new options please! Even last year some Dratini were available again!
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