GO Hub Articles - Niantic Shares an Update on GO Battle League Season 2 Schedule and Changes |

Yeah, within first few battles I had a bug I never saw before… maybe it is their way to fight the exploit - with numerous bugs during combat? :smiley:

Yeah… you should read this aswell:

Basically they made it exploitable still. You can also get 3 or 4 shields against you with bad connection etc. They just fixed the one exploit, nothing else.

It is interesting… but with multiplier or not - to climb the ranking you need to win consistently. For me it is still the case that (using the same set of mon) sometimes I win 5:0 and sometimes I lose 0:5.
And it is not only because of any lags, extra shields, etc - in most cases the play is fair (I hope). In most cases I can say the result after seeing the opening mon - if he needs to runaway from my opener - I usually win. If I have to runaway - I usually lose.

Oh very true, for us scrubs its still impossible. But if you were top 200 last season this might help you atleast get to rank 10 faster, and probably helps you gain a few places on the leaderboard aswell.

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