GO Hub Articles - New Gen 5 Pokémon and Trade Evolution Added to Pokémon GO

I saw a Throh on Nearby which shouldn’t be in my region. Later, it turned into a Sawk. I stick to my point of view that Niantic is a terrible company. :rofl: Shame I couldn’t get the Throh, though.

I should be able to get Sigilyph this Summer, by the way.


So, when it comes to the new Gen 5 Pokemon, can we skip trading them and still evolve them with candy instead?


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Oh good. I was going to be pretty annoyed otherwise. lol

This update now gets my stamp of approval. :wink:


Same for me, about the sigilyph

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Decided to try the new Trade Evolution out, and four of five became Lucky, too. The Alolan Golem is a 96%, too.

5/6 now.

Is it Lucky Day today? :rofl:

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Maybe it was a ditto

So you can trade base form instead of first stage for trade evolution to save even more candy on candy evolution?

You will still need to pay the 25 Candies to evolve the base form, but after that it will not cost any Candies to evolve anymore.



Thanks for clarifying, so the candy saving is only for middle stage to final stage.

Yes. I think it is the best to trade the base forms, then see if the IV’s are good or not and if they are good, then it is worth evolving. It will only cost 23 Candies, although you do have to have 25 Candies to evolve it.

Great tips! :+1:

In a discussion of the new trade-evolve feature I overheard somebody say that it took 200 candies to evolve a Gurdurr into a Conkeldurr. I came here to verify, but couldn’t find the candy cost to evolve ANY of the Pokémon in GoHub’s references.

ref: https://db.pokemongohub.net/pokemon/532
and https://db.pokemongohub.net/pokemon/533
and https://db.pokemongohub.net/pokemon/534

Evolution info is such a basic aspect of every Pokémon. Would it risk being sued for copyright violation to include the info relevant to that on those reference pages?

I have a Timburr and he shows that I need 50 candies to evolve him. So, in relation to others with 25 - 100 candies, it would be normal that it will be 50 - 200.
Yes, I’ve given him Rare Candies and the result is to give him 200 candies to evolve or to trade him.
Now I have a Conkeldurr after giving 50 candies.

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And here the liitle one…

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I did a trade of Timburrs and got the one that went up 10 points of IV. Evolved that with 50 candy into Gurdurr, and evolved further into Conkeldurr for free (testing the trade evolution). Then gave in to the temptation to power that up as far as my current candy and stardust supplies would take it. Will push it further as the situation dictates and the resources permit later.

Might let him earn his further development with some time in local gyms.

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