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So, thoughts anyone?

I personally hope they don’t increase the max level of pokemon and just keep all that as it is. It would really help with (pvp)balance, stardust and candy issues and avoid creating distances between high level players and lower leveled players (now most players are either the same level, or closeby, which IMO is good)

Maybe if they reroll powerup cost, candy cost and the xp requirement isn’t too high it could work, but i’d still prefer to keep all as it is, just give 10 levels extra to do something.for those at 40.

Also, if we get 10 easy to reach new levels, people will start complaining the day it is released they are bored again, so making it harder is good.

Without further information this is all speculative, but still fun to think about. We’ll see when more info comes out


If its just a player level increase: no problem.
If they also increase the pokemon level then atleast master league is going to be broken (even more?). Thatll just be a few weeks of PVP for level 48+ players cause if you are lower you will have a clear dissadvantage. So i dont think that will happen.

Im curious to see where this will go.


I am curious about what the exp requirements are. I am currently sitting on a stash exp worth of 305 000 first ball no other bonus catches captured pidgeys around 45 500 000 exp

I wish I could understand your post. I can’t even parse it, though. Schade.


Yeah ive been looking at that second sentence for a while now but i cant make anything out of it either haha. What did you mean?

I’ll have a crack at the code.
305K worth of Pidgey evolutions in stock?

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