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I don’t really dislike the Hoenn event yet but the event really could have been better. Most of the boosted spawns is what I usually see in my area. I think I’m going to play less during this event and play more during Sinnoh Throwback event.

Finished the Hoenn challenge. Had to walk my dogs to get my buddy a candy.

I am stuck on 7/9.

I simply am unable to find any ghost type pokemon

Try Raids. Duskull does spawn in the wild as well but it’s rare. And I have seen some Sableye too but I think they were from a nest.

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Saw plenty of Sablye during dog walk. Then I learned meditite was a physic type today.

Also tomorrow with the Incense Day you’ll probably encounter a few Ghost/Dark-types😉


Finding a ghost type the day AFTER that event may be a little more challenging… :pensive:

Edit 1 - (just finishing an hour of incense, without any ghost types encountered; not an encouraging sign)

Edit 2 - Thanks for the tips, @BestBeast. 20 minutes after the first edit, a Duskull spawned for me (in a place that normally gets almost no spawns), which opened the way to finish the Hoenn Throwback. Hooray.

Look for Sableye in 2-tier rides.
(or wait after sunset - the ghost types are coming out)

Has everyone finished the hoenn throwback challenge yet?

Got a Sableye from incense with the incense day

Yeah, but I’m still waiting for the first Shiny in this special investigations…

When does Sinnoh start?


At 1 pm local time, isn’t it?


Could somebody help me understand what sense there is to give Cresselia a grass type special move for the Sinnoh throwback final reward? To me that seems almost as out of place as putting a steel move on a Blissey, or a fire move on a Kyogre.

I don’t understand it either but I think it’s cool to have a random move on my Cresselia.

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As the Sinnoh stage of the Throwback event comes to a close, the Unova stage is about to start. And Niantic is charging eight bucks for this stage.


What do you mean they’re not kidding? The idea of buying that is HILARIOUS.

The rewards are even more hilarious. You’re way better off saving that money for the Global GO Fest coming in July, that’s one thing I’m pretty sure of.

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