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14.99 - is more than I spent on PoGO altogether till that day… but well, we will see.

So far I have only bought accessories for Pokémon GO, but it looks like this will be the first time ever I’m going to purchase something with real money in the in-game shop, although I will wait before actually doing so, because I will likely be on holiday to a quite rural area in the French Alpes during GO Fest, so I want to be sure there’s a good place nearby and a good internet connection before I’m actually buying the Ticket. I’m definitely hyped though!

USD 14.99 for both days, hope to get more info soon, such as regionals and any special research to get unreleased mythicals

I bought the ticket. For the fist time I hadn’t saved up enough money with Google Rewards. :man_shrugging:

BTW it is €16,99 in the Netherlands.
Converted to US it’s $19,17 :scream:

I bought a ticket, and I’m stoked. Never been to GO Fest itself, and was planning to go this year, but obviously can’t. This will be very interesting.