Go Fest Dortmund

Hey guys,

anyone here planning on going to go fest Dortmund? I myself am a lvl trainer from holland so if i get drawn i will go. For people also going perhaps we can share trainer code to make some trades:)?


I would love to but it would be too expensive, its even more costly than Chicago

I’m also hoping me or 1 of my friends will be drawn to go to Dortmund. Also from Holland. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, kinda felt the same. But with Carnivine spawning it is still cheaper then flying to America for me:)

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Where from Holland? I am from The Hague and Delft.

I am not planning on going but Some friends of mine are

I hope to be able to go, checking my mails every couple of hours now. :smiley:
I was in Dortmund last year, it’s only a 90 minutes drive for me, definitely doable.

There have been 2 waves of invitations already.

Dortmund, Deutschland is such a long way from here. I’d be more tempted to go if it were in Dortmund, Texas, instead. :slight_smile:

@Brobraam i live in Enschede man close to dortmund hehe:) @magoose6 yeah i noticed checking it here aswell about 90 minute drive also for me soo:) hope to go again last year was awesome

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A 2 hour 45 minute drive(not in rush hour traffic of course)

But I’m not going. Need the money for the wedding :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s Carnivine spawning got to do with the price of tea in China (or the cost of airfare to America, for that matter)?



@vorgriff3 well the amount of an airplane ticket you need to get carnivine which spawns in America is much more:)

@Autofan1985 gratz!

I’m planning on going. A friend received the invitation and will invite me. The problem is the price of the hotels have increased greatly, so I’m not sure anymore. Lucky you if you live nearby :wink:

Tickets secured for sunday here. Got the invite 3,5h after registration closed.
My GF is super excited, she can only attend on sunday due to work and now we got in in the first wave, the day we want, early tickets and the gate we prefer. Super happy.

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Nice, yeah wouldnt wanna book a hotel that would suck big time

gonna book a hotel during lunch. Thinking about the same one we had last year. Luxury suite stuff :blush:

nice man, just driving for around 90 mins so no need here hoping to secure a early acces ticket for friday

Ah, now I see. Thanks. Good luck with that.You may have a better chance of Carnivine at the event – I’ve been in America the whole time the game’s existed and have encountered about nineteen thousand Tauros (hyperbolically speaking), but no Carnivine, yet.

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