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GO Battle league question

I am a fairly new player. After doing several battles in the Great League, I started battling in the Ultra League, where I feel I’m a bit outclassed. I cannot seem to return to the Great League-is this possible?

In the ‘Special Research’ I have two tasks now to battle another trainer in the Great League which I cannot complete-any advice how to go back and battle in the Great League?

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To answer your questions…

  1. The GO Battle League changes its League after a certain amount of time. Last week, it changed from Great League to Ultra League, indeed.

  2. You can actually still battle another trainer in the Great League. To do that, you would need to go to the friends menu, and then challenge a friend with the Great League selected. The GO Battle League currently doesn’t have the Great League available.



Do we know why master and ultra league diapered?

I can only play up to 1500 cp games

Help pls

Maybe here you find the response on your question:


Question answered.