Global Community Day Photo Atlas

So, I haven’t seen the post for this project on Dratini Day. As a result, our community didn’t take a picture.

On Bulbasaur Day I saw the post on Facebook early enough. So we took a nice picture of us and I shared it on Facebook with those two Hashtags. I even checked my privacy settings to be sure this photo is public.

Then I waited for a new article from GoHub, but there was none. After long time of searching I finally found the Bulbasaur map in the old Dratini article. I just found the map, no photos. And on the map my town isn’t even marked.

Can’t we just post our photos here for the next time? I’m not that deep into Facebook, I don’t have Twitter or Discord. But I want our community to be on the map. And to see some new photos.

Where do I even find all those Bulba photos?

Okay, after searching even more, I finally found the Bulba article. But as expected our photo isn’t there. So isn’t our location on the map.